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[PSP] Durarara!! 3-Way Stand off (In stores now!) (Thread) - Page 3

This looks just like Devil Survivor!...

Agree @PureBoredom and that's why I reaaaaaaaaaallllllllyyyyyy waaaaaaaaaant to plaaaaaay iiiiiiit!!!! >.< this in america? XD seriously?!

OMG! Do want! Do want!

This looks awesome!
Does anyone know if this has a chance of being localized in the US??

IT NEEDS TO BE !@#$ING ENGLISH! RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I hope for the lova~ that someone on my PSP resource site dubs this game.

i wish it was in english

i has no pee es pee. suri di esu?

yay i just bought a really cheap psp just for this game i dont understand japanese though and im not sure where to get this game

they need to make a english verson

is this somewhat like visual novel??/ what's the game like?

love it

Why i need PSP
the only reason to get PSP

Played it. Sucked asshole. There are releases that are heavily inspired by others, and then there are games that shamelessly rip others off. I'd personally say this is the latter. This is solely based off the fact that I've played countless other imports though, so it's solely up to you. If you kids are willing, knock yourselves out.

Well, you see @QED reply but I had a slight different opinion. I also played a lot of Japanese games, Otome Games and RPG games to be exact, so don't worry, I won't being biased or something (w)

So, Let's back to the topic. For me, Durarara 3way off alley is much better than this first one. Basically, both have the same stories but different kind of CGs. And to be honest, I love YoshiYoshi on Alley better than the Off game (w). But something that I kinda hate from this game is no quick save. It such a pain to save from menu everytime.

The gameplay is same like all of Visual Novel. You jump from one location to others via map and create your social with anyone. Then, you have a quest to investigated Dollars, Yellow, and Saika. If your knowledge about them reached 100%, you can join any of them. Cool huh? Well, this post will be long if I keep on going.(w) If anyone wants a guide or wanna know more about this game, just mention me and I'll talk for more (w)

sincerely, YoshiYoshi

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