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Chat-Style Avatar V2. ..CLOSED! (Thread)

First things first.
Always Read the Sign
if it's Open It's OPEN! if it's Closed It's God*** Closed!

ok, We know that @Lubibul is currently Busy on her Scheds and the first one is getting really annoying and confusing. .. so here we are, making a new one with NEW RULES

First 5 requests takes prior. other requests will be ignored

then requests will open after the 5 requests are done.

I will be checking your Status before making the request. . if the last seen status is over 2 days,the Request will be ignored.

3 day rule

by the time you have obtained or recieved your avatar you can’t request for another one till the next 3 days.

I know the rules are too demanding but, it's for the sake of the makers.They do have their own LIVES and for the request not go to waste.

Same old Rules

No Robots
Only 1 color is allowed per avatar (so, no combos of red and blue and white, etc.). You can still request the same avatar in different colors, though.

(black, purple, dark blue, blue, orange, red, pink, magenta, grey, green)
(girl/boy/trap?!) (just so I know how to do your hair)
(Just tell me what things you want. Example: top hat, side part, pony tails, tie, etc.)

if you want to help or diy here is the psd files

Click me

How to make your own avatar

BTW colorless got Tinychat if you wanna join Click This

The password? ask @wanderlust

If I or you want to talk. Please Head here.

Click Me! if you arranged an appointment lol

I'll be there if I/you will be asking some details about your request.
just leave a reply here if you want to talk. . . give at least a time limit .. like 3 hours after your post or something. .. I'm not always online >.> (i lied)well there will be times that i'm not online of course just. . . give me time xD

Avatars Can be uploaded here , the PW is pretty obvious

So, I'm going to quit making avatars since. . . as you can see. .. it takes me quite some time just to finish an avatar and my schedule is just getting complicated(college) so . . . i think this is the right time to stop. . . I'm not trying to be an attention whore I'm trying to finish a course. I was able to make some avatars for quite some time since some of my past subjects were credited and it gave me some free time but now that a new semester is coming I'll be one of the regulars and I guess more busier than ever. . but don't be sad I believe @Izayas will take over so i guess . . . I'll try to finish the last requests (if they still want it and if they are still active). ..
Oh I'm not quitting as a CL member I'm always one of you don't misunderstand.I'm still going to open and close this thread lol kinda like the security guard ish

Luluuuu~!!!! ... I miss tiny. XD

Ok I think it is about time I change my avatar. Hmm... Ok I got it!

Color: Red
Gender: Male

That will be all~ ^w^
(currently in tiny ;3)

@daikon do you want harima's mustache?

@ManongJulius Naw I like him shaved~ ;D

dark blue
Train head
And lake body :D

Make me one please~

Color: Black

Additions: One eye should have a cross in it, and the other should have a pentagram(point facing down please).

Edit: If you could make him wearing a tuxedo, that would be awesome. And a Fedora instead of Hair please.

can i reserve a spot for a friend? she wants that style of avatar but she just moved in RL and she cant go on CL right now....

2 more slots left

I would like one. 8D

Color: Red
Sex: Female
Extras: choppy hair, cat ears, whiskers

Figure (for hair and outfit):

last one. . .

I can has Squalo avatar? :3
color: black

if you can could you draw his sword in it too? Its okay if you don't tho

The chosen 5


any further requests will be ignored

Don't say requests are open in the headline when they are not - when it will pass the 1st page, no one will read it anymore o.O

lol shaney thanks for pointing it out. . .i'm kinda . . . yah knaw xD

@ashlx lol i just notice your comment . . . uhhh just wait for this thing to open . .. I'm almost done with the 5 requests

it's actually intended . . .


Hand Sonic VARSION 2

Lol OK I'll delete my post then lol

i just rabu jap accent xD

(lurking to be the first one to post my request when you open)

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