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Chat-Style Avatar V2. ..CLOSED! (Thread) - Page 26

backround yellow

Writing here to say thanks for posting the PSDs.

I feel awful. I am so sorry for neglecting this. orz
So um, I'll be accepting requests. Just PM me. If you're willing to wait.
You know the drill. :3

GAH! Followed the tutorial..took me 13 hours even though it was so simple..spent like 2 hours getting the pink background since I used a different program it was extrmemly difficult. So this is mine~ Now to rest~

never doing THAT again..okay..maybe once or twice XD

Already made one for @The_Original_Original ...hope she likes it~ ...this time it took me 1 hour

FUUUUUU-- its a little bit off center...GAH!

MWAHAHAHA more... @sullyangel


@Ssullyangel anytime (not really) ...And here is @Johtoh 's

...did you want 'Joh' on the other side?

/bumping mischievously/ .____.

I was supposed to take reqs but been busy. Maybe I'll start working on avis again :3

@izayas Lolol I know how you feel. I wanna make avis too but not time for them xD

I'm already down with MAL forum being hacked so I don't think I'll start to do this any time soon -__-

Man I Wanna Avatar That Looks Like Cloud Thats With The Black Color. -_-

If someone is doing them, you should do the older requests. >.<

This Is What I Want It To Look Like Please. ^3^

how do you post avatars here

idk how im new here i made an avatar but idk how to put it up in this thread

@Akane_Chan copy and paste the image URL.

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