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Jin's digital paintings (Thread)

Since people are making their own art thread , I've figure I should secure one for myself as well

(and I know you guys probably cursing me since I have time to do this but haven't been around the art class for ages, I sorry , but honestly I'm kinda busy and having work+starting 2nd year in uni doesn't help. So yea , i haven't got time for making any tutorial D: , gomenasai )

Here's a few artwork that relatively new and some I'm proud of

newest one :

second to newest (doodle tho)


Color me impressed. :)

these 2 are commissions, book covers for a ALcon

Damn, amazing. Could i ask for a request?

more doodle, kinda portrait of a friend
(yes , she have big boobs as well ; ) )

this one have a failed boobs but it's one of the few realistic i did so I figured i should upload it as well

Jin, I love your art. ♥

Man you're really good. Are you in art school?

LOL at the clash between awesome face&neck and fake-looking boobs in that last one :P

portrait of another friend
(yes, i have pretty friends >:) too bad they ain't girlfriend tho :P )

emo artwork (done in an emo state as well)

done for a contest on deviantart (was hunting for premium lol )

and an uber random artwork

i really love your work!!!! <3.<3

@Chou : thanks xD
@Ephemiel : not at the moment i'm afraid D: i'm sorry , i'm rly busy around this time of the year (you know , starting a new semester at Uni and stuff )
@lolikisune : No, i didn't have the fortune of going to an art school
(tho I'm studying graphic design , it has nothing to do with drawing/illustrating D: )
@kagome : I'm glad that you like it :)

That robot is so kawaii ♥
must resist the urge to hug him o__o

your pic are really cool! ^w^ OH OH OH ... can you draw me? o

@chou : lots of ppl like that one :D
so there you have it folks , the way to become popular is to draw random cute things ;)

lol , and I just realize that my signature on each pieces is different :))

@Jin0410 Yeah love your work man, I'm gonna need your talents in the future (if you're still around Colorless that long).

@Evii-chi : don't worry mi lady ;) i have planed to draw everyone in my harem kingdom :>

@TheDeathBater : i'll probably be :/ I mean I'm not so much active nowadays but I'm still lurking : )

@Jin0410 Mi'lord im so happy :D can't wait :D

@Jin Great! Thats good to hear; spelled my name wrong though D:

@TheDeathBartender D: I'm so sorry , I blame the border that overlap your name xD

@evii : you'll probably have to wait for a while tho , until I sort out my life at least D:

@Jin owh ... don't worry ... i'll wait ^^ -huggles-

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