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Jin's digital paintings (Thread) - Page 13

I had assumed so. Very nice work.


been too busy with uni work so haven't got a chance to do anything
random doodle yesterday

LAWL!! I like your artworks :) They are fabulatastic~

@Jin-sama, fantastic as always, I see!

May I request:

My gravatar, playing on a psp?

thatd be awesome :D

@NaMe thanks
@Chou thank you xD
@Flywalker37 I'm afraid I can't do that atm :( too busy with work :( barely have time to do anything else :(

another quick doodle of my (most recent) crush xD

Show her this pic and then ask her out :P
or give it to her as a b-day present

@name haha we're like 9000 kms away and she doesn't even know me xP
not that I won't do anything about it but it's not the time yet : >
I'll make my move when I know i can make an impact
for now I'm just quietly stalking from afar >:)

huh ;3 facebook stalker?

indeed : >

oh great joy when people tell me things that I have no interest of...

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