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CSB (Thread)

Guyz~ You know it right? XD

my ex-school. :P

no I don't know :P

LOL Hajime~ XD

Of course you do!

eh? o_O

/chews on the thread/

perhaps we will know if I eat my way through...


NOOO augmentine!

*doubles over*

*passes by*
Cases of Sinister Booties? lmao

My School next year! :D

d;awww. XD /lets go of thread/ mmm. colorless.

what does CSB stand for?
Is it a HAREM school? wanna go. wanna go.

@augmentine: Collegio de San Sebastian or College of Saint Benilde? XDD

@Kii. LOL, It is not a Harem school! You will understand it one day! XD

hahaha I'm a CSB alumni ^^;;

lmao. So that's what it was..
Any UP students here btw?

I'm A CSB freshmen. I just started studying CSB and I think I'm getting the hang of CSB. I need lots of training though.



@Lagann: Sexy.

@Kai: St. Benilde. Alternatively my high school was Colegio San Agustin, lmao.

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