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sixhitdit's cute pictures ^^ (Thread)

im here to show u some pictures because im bored and i have nothing to do so here are some picture and if u want u can paste some picture here too... any picture u want , i dont mind, at less its anime

this one is ok nya~

is there a particular reason theyre all nekos nya?

she is a lil neko luuuver ;3 hugs six

Because nekos are we need a better reason :D

smiles yup thats right.. im a lil neko luver hugs bak nya~ :3

here is 1 of my most favos ;3

Whats up with all the nekos XD
@mayo better question: Why not nekos XD


Ahahaha 8D

hahaha oh thnks for baking up for this thread kisses ur forehead

at less its cute x3

a maid neko ;3



I love this one! It looks just like me! =^^=

**is gonna post the neko mimi @gargron sama picture (creator of CL)

**changes mind.. = ="

Imma gonna keep this for myself =3=

neko <3
so cute ^w^

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