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COME AND TROLL SOME PEDOS [It's FUN] (Thread) - Page 10

Do it and I'll troll you.

honetsly i think the reason those people are disgusting is nto taht tehy are pedos btu that tehy are petty humans using a partnerfidning chatroom. such peoople CANT be decent people.

lol just watch maybe their from another forum and trolling on us saying about how theres been a recent incline in teenage girls and how they should all get on as middle aged men xDD


I troll here all the time as a pedo. I fucking love it.

I wanted to try this again, but now it says my computer doesn't have the necessary plug ins, and I don't know which plug ins they are talking about! Can someone help?

Oh? It worked on Internet Explorer. Fucking addicting.

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