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Guide to softmod most consoles (Thread)

This thread will have links to Wii, Psp and Ps3 softmodding information. I did not write all the info in the other guides thus I don't take credit for them, I'm just linking you to the guides.

First up! Nintendo Wii: This thing is a pain in the ass, because of all the instructions you have to follow. And you HAVE to follow them to the tee! Otherwise you WILL brick your wii.

Softmod for ANY 4.2 Wii:

Mega Softmod Thread for ANY version wii:

With these sites you can login with facebook. Or you can register.

This is to change the region of the wii, Say you have a pal-english wii and you want to change it to jap, This is what you use.

Remember with all of the wii softmodding... please FOLLOW the instructions or you'll break your wii.

You should also get a Snes emulator for the wii 8D It's a shit load of fun.

NEXT UP IS PSP- I love psp softmodding, It's fun and easy 8D As long as you have the right firmware. You can also brick your psp by doing this... but it's hard O-o I've hacked five psp's and three wii's so far. SO if you have any questions I guess you can ask me.

Main psp hacking site I use.
Other trusty psp hacking site.

Once you hack it you should get a Snes Emulator and play Super nintendo games on the psp.

And lastly~ The ps3; I've not softmodded a ps3 yet but they're making progress! If you wanna hack the ps3 you should wait till they've sorted everything out first.

(UPDATE!) Hack that shit; I hacked my ps3. Oh.. but if you want online content don't hack just yet.

Ps3 Main softmodding sites.

Softmodding unlocks the potential of the console. You can do SO much more with a soft-modded console than a normal one, Like playing Snes games on your wii and psp.

This is totally up to you, If you follow the instructions then you shall not fail if you don't YOU WILL BREAK YOUR CONSOLE AND IT WILL BURN IN CONSOLE HELL. I am also not responsible for anything bricking/breaking. Have fun~


PS3: Highest Firmware hackable is 3.55 This guide for hacking it.

PSP: I'm a bit out of date with psp so if you would just go to one of those sites I linked you can find a thread to hack it yourself. It's SUPER easy.

Wii: I'm quite sure 4.3 is hackable but I don't think it plays any homebrew, 4.2 is your best bet.

Xbox360: Idk.. I haven't hacked one yet.

The emulators were the main reasons I modded each and everyone of my consoles(Wii, PS2, PSP, and DSi(sort of). That and I got to finally play Mother 3 which was epic! Love that soundtrack too.

The SNES emulators are superb, as well as the GBA and SEGA emulators. Tried modding a PS3 turned out pretty bad though. I got it back to its original settings so it's cool and working. Wii had to be my favorite to mod because it has a lot of potential once you get homebrew on it. Free Wiiware(I buy it eventually when I get points) and hacking on certain games(Animal Crossing, Call of Duty, BRAWL <3)

Yea, I love doing mods ^^

I also love doing mods!~ It's just so much fun hacking it and playing with all the homebrew/emus, I got a snes game pack of 760ish games. @,@

Oh and I also got a 16gb mem card for the psp. 8D

I only have around 300 or so SNES games, Im mainly on the GBA emulator playing Pokemon or Puyo Pop(<3)

I only have the 4gb one lucky, So I constantly have to swap out games. I so need to upgrade my gaming equipment xD

I'm trying out my new Acekard on the DSi, trying to see if I can get some Chrono Trigger action going on.

Bump for the love of modding D:


What about the NDS emulator for Wii? GBA emulator is as well good. Also, there are some good Homebrews for Wii like... Riivolution, a Homebrew for modding game data without "opening the disc". E.g. you can listen to custom music :D
I will make a list of useful Homebrew:
- MPlayer CE (Turn your Wii into a media center!)
- GeckoOS (Region Free Wii/GC Games on your Wii!)
- Riivolution (Realtime game patcher)
- SNEEK/UNEEK (Wii Emuloator... for Wii!)

- Snes9x GX
- PCSX-Revolution
- Wii64
- WiiSX
- DeSmuME Wii
- Visual Boy Advance GX

"Pimp" your Wii:
- DOP-Mii
- Priiloader
- SaveGame Manager GX

- Wad Manager
- cIOS Installer
- USB Loader
- GC Launcher

Anything forgotten?

Btw, I am trying to answer all the questions about Wii Softmodding, if there are any.

Visual Boy Advance is my favorite solution for playing Gameboy Games on the computer;
favorite function is probably the speed-up.
Now I won't need to train my party for 60 actual hours anymore~

I could still bite my ass when thinking about my failure.
When Dissidia came out, I upgraded my PSPs firmware, and it's not (yet) downgradeable.
Now I'm stuck with a fishy OFW and will have to wait for more exploits...

This thread obviously contains content that suggests and promotes the use of illegal software and piracy which are both against the rules. The use of terms such as "hacking," "warez," and "emulators" already helps to imply unlawful intent. Let us be logical and critical here, if you read most of the posts in this thread, it pretty much screams the obvious. If you owned the actual games yourselves, you wouldn't need to "modify" your hardware because you wouldn't really have a reason to. People "modify" their hardware to run bootlegged content, plain and simple. To see a Moderator himself promoting the use of illegal content and not following the written rules of this website in which his duties are to enforce by deletion of this thread, is truly disheartening indeed.

there he goes again ~

Owning the Games is not an issue.
By using emulators, you can ensure that you will be able to play your games even when you don't own the needed console, or just borrowed the hardware.

By playing Nintendo 64-games on modern PSPs, for example, you will not only have the opportunity to play whereever you want, but don't even need to own an old TV that supports old connections.

There is also no immidiate 'sharing' of illegal material on this thread.
@Deftones links to basic sites for more information on this topic.

Well thank you @DarkChaplain and @Leanny for adding to the subject. @Leanny I don't have some of those Emulator, I'll have to get them.

And @Spooky; We're not promoting the use of ISO's or stealing any games from the internet, we're just unlocking the console to the full so we can use it for more stuff. You buy the hardware I don't see why you can't unlock it for more fun.

Unlocking your PSP, for example, gives you lost features back - Homebrews, for example.
Even small things like a better menu navigation, faster scrolling, other options when listening to music are possible that way.
And there are a bunch of homebrew-games!

UPDATED~~ Ok so I went and got a ps3 .. and couldn't help myself so I hacked it. I can't go online with it just yet but I'll wait till they fix that, I have 8 backed up games on the internal HDD.. it's only 160gb xD

PSP is now wide open.

ALL PSP models can get the 6.20 TN-HEN or 6.35 Pro HEN / Pro-A to work without any exploits.
The HENs are signed for use from within the XMB and use kernel exploits in 6.20 or 6.35 OFW.

Both will add support for PSX titles in the coming updates and already support a shitload of stuff. for more info \o/

I simply love to be able to play ISOs without any issues now.
Already found some games worth my money, while the shock while playing some others totally turned me off and spared my purse.
I won't deny I pirate stuff, but I actually buy and promote the things I really appreciate.

Well I also pirate stuff, But if the game is worth my money I'll buy it. Gotta support the gaming industry right? xD Anyway I'll get a PspGo and hack it since my little sister has killed both my psp1000 and psp2000... and my 3000 >_> I should really stop letting them play my psp.

Anywho I can't wait till the ps3 is wide open but that WILL take a long time. Just gotta wait till they make all the games work now right?

Also on the subject of ps3 lets hope geohot's wins the law suit on sony.. then maybe all consoles will be unlocked? Right?! T.T

HOWTO: "Softmod" an NDS: Pretty much "buy a flash cart".

They work perfectly on pretty much any model these days, you just pop the roms you want to run onto them via a microsd card, put them in your NDS like any other catridge, and run.

If your DS is an original DS or DS Lite, I can recommend the CycloDS Evolution cart, for the DSi I've had good experiences with the Acekard 2i.

A note on DSi flash carts: The DSi has two modes, "DS" mode and "DSi" mode. In the former, it can run all NDS software, but there is no access to the newer hardware features, so DSi software will not run. Most flash carts run only in DS mode. This is not really a problem, since DSi-only software is pretty rare. The CycloDS iEvolution apparently runs in DSi mode, but I don't know if that even ships yet, and I don't know if it actually works and how well it works if it does.

There is some really neat homebrew software for the DS, there's IRC clients, a wonderful drawing application (Did you know the DS touch screen is pressure sensitive? :3) and, what I've found most fun, NitroTracker, with which you can make music while on the go~

If you're interested in the NDS as a plattform in general, I've written down some basic things that can get you started in getting to know your DS better and writing DS code a while ago on my blog.

Oh wow o-o that homebrew does look like fun. That's for adding that, Kinda forgot about the ds.
You can get back on psn for Ps3, Haven't tried yet since I'm not home right now but something I just thought I'd share.


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