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Guide to softmod most consoles (Thread) - Page 3
Holy crap, If anyone has been following the ps3 scene then they should know of this. After months and months of nothingness we finally get a new cfw! (Not out yet lol BUT SOON!)

Things it can do~

New categories such as:

  • Multimedia
  • PS3 Loader PS1/PS2/Minis support.
  • Thegra
  • Homebrew
  • Emulators

Thegra - the new star category and plugins

This new category includes the plugins manager, service packs. Thegra is the name of the loader plugins, these plugins will give the console first choices, which the imagination of every developer could unleash the potential of this charger.

  • Return of the online (running)
  • Update of keys (working)
  • Spoof Version
  • Disable devices
  • Mounted units, several readers virtual
  • Plugins level conbinacion buttons on the six
  • Modification speedfun speed
  • Multiloader (operating)
  • Dumper full-ram (running)
  • PSN-games license generator (operating)
  • Hacked signature verification token QA (running)
  • Reboot
  • PSN access sysversion check "no spoof nor certs" (running)
  • Check-patching the original disks (operating)
  • Activation of the 8th SPU
  • Etc

Big news for the ps3 -
UPDATES: RUMOR: Dongle Playing v3.60+ Games on Official Firmware 3.55

There is a major rumor going around about an Indonesian team called KADO claiming they can run copied PS3 firmware 3.60+ games on an official firmware 3.55 console using a dongle called Jailbreak 2. Since this news is going so viral I have decided to post it here for all to discuss, whether it be fake or not time will tell and thus avoiding been flamed for reporting late.
In the first video we are shown a console on OFW 3.70, he inserts the dongle, goes into recovery mode, presses a select start combination, installs a firmware called "3.55 - Dongle" and plays PES 2012 from what looks like an original disc.

The second video (Updated link) from you tube, as stated in the first paragraph, shows the dongle in action running the game off a backed up disc.

JB2 update files have been leaked.

First off for those interested, the MFW and JB2 dongle updater files have been leaked on to the web, you can grab the downloads below:

Download Jailbreak 2 CFW/MFW files

Download Jailbreak 2 Dongle Updater

Second off the Jailbreak 2 is being reversed engineered, for those interested you can read the full documentation via PS3DevWiki.

So I believe its safe to say this device is probably real, and now we should focus on how it actually works.

In summary it seems that JB2 is nothing special at all. What they seem to be doing is using something called a DEBUG EBOOT which is burned onto a disc, and is playable on the PS3. So all we technically need is the debug eboot’s for each game which can be acquired via dev network (and people can get this via debug PS3′s). So until Sony takes a stand against these debug eboots, the scene may have found their access to newer games.

PS3Hax member TheLostDeathKnight outlines the basic idea:

alright kiddys here is how this works
1.take retail FW
2. patch FW to run debug eboot
3.Rip 3.60+ games
4.burn 3.60+ games to bd-dvd with debug eboot
5.add crap drm to mfw
6. add dongle to validate said crap drm in said mfw
7. sell dongles and pirated games

sounds simple to me

i.e patch kmeaw to run debug eboots, enjoy, until sony locks down debug eboots xD
There is also a convo snippet with PS3 dev Mathieulh and his thoughts on how JB2 works:
I kinda figured how it works already
they patched lv1 and lv2
and they have lv2 to check if the self keyset is 0×10 or higher
if so it’s sent to lv1 through a separate hypercall than hvsc99
which sends the self or part of it to the usb hw
which performs some crypto
and returns a decrypted result to lv1
at least that’s what I got out of a few minutes of debugging

I am pretty sure the keys are on the dongle
as in debug eboots?
3.60+ app keys




I has no PS3.

I will say, though, that the PSP stuff and Wii stuff is legit. (I've done this before.)

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