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Cats are.... (Thread)


So damn cute, and you want to squeeze them to death , but then you can't because they will scratch you.

so awesome that Chuck Norris decided to wear cat ears because he failed to become one.


cute... but, half misterious...

i eat cats for breakfast!

adorable. kitties go mrow, and then explode with cuteness.

fuckin' adorable. Say otherwise and their army will kill you with their cuteness.

... class Euclid, and come in four varieties: longhaired, hypoallergenic, grenade, and bouncy.

Too, too adorable yet excruciatingly annoying at the same time. :c

are good for football/soccer training.

my favorite animal~

something I'm allergic to.

scary, and follows me wherever I go o__o

ADORABLE!!!!! :3

funny when they mate

adorable and playful.And dad,your daughter's half-cat.

Cat's have hairy balls

Cats are awesome.

Cats are annoying when they always scratch you, seriously my cat is always crawling on my knee and starts clawing at me DX

But they're also so cute, I always forgive them ^_^

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