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"World Without" (Thread)


Come Chat!

Well I recently just started working on this large scale project called


The basic concept of this project is how the world could be affected so much by just one person. How the memory of that one person could inspire you to go above and beyond what you initially thought you could do.

So I proposed this original story, I've wanted to do for some time.

A young boy is recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. The doctors predict he will die within the years end. The boy well aware of his situation, decides to refuse the treatment and travel across a world he has never known. This story chronicles his last year on Earth, told from the point of view of the people he met, and how he affected their lives

Kind of vague, but I believe it would be pretty fun to do, given the right attention.

This will be a Visual Manga. Was thinking of having VAs if all goes well....

Help Section

Looking for Writers, Artists, and an Independent group.



Independent Group


A think tank where we figure out how to tell the story for each chapter.

There are no restrictions on how you would like to volunteer.


November 11th Update

The story will have 12 arcs, 3 chapters will equal one arc. Arc's are the month that the story takes place.

Along his journey the young boy will unknowingly affect the hearts and souls of those he meets. This is basically a retelling of the story through the eyes of those he met.

November 22 Update

Arc 1

Hanako’s Tribulation
Details the events leading up to Shouji’s diagnosis and the decision which will change their life forever
- Shouji Kaiketsu(Main Character)
- Hanako Kaiketsu
- Dr. Kanzawa

Arc 2

The True World
While on the road Shouji comes across a girl who holds a terrifying secret.
- Shouji Kaiketsu
- Aya
- Iori

Arc 3

Voice of Reason, Heart of Doubt
Shouji travels to the beach. When he arrives he gets involved in a feud between twins.
- Shouji Kaiketsu
- Taro
- Tenma


I would like to volunteer.

I could be a good artist for this project.

Just contact me so that I can get more info.

Thanks for volunteering your time!

More people are welcome, so join xD

Yes, but I do not see anyone else wanting to get involved...

Slow start, I guess.

No matter I'll continue to push the idea.

Renpy has a good VN template. :D

I'll help out! I guess I could be a writer. is now working on two mangas, woah

I could try writing... Lord knows I need to get my creative juices running again, haha. If not, I could definitely be an editor for typographical errors or to help make sure contributions run smoothly with each other.~

Then again, I need to practice a lot so that I can draw really good. I could also ask for help @musclemass because he is really good.

Thanks @Hika and @Gargron I'll try it out in a bit.

@Moiku and @syunfung Thanks alot! I'll PM you guys later for more details.

@Teolandon yea go ahead the more the merrier, I would draw it myself, but I don't have a scanner yet so im really relying on my artists.

Bump :3

Note: I will be using Renpy on this project! Which means Voice acting woot!

hmmm i'm not so much an artist than more so of a colorist person ;3; can i be like back up colorer/artist/cleaner or what you need me be in case you can't you don't have enough help. except writer, im a bit too corny for that DX

Bump~! :D

Voice acting would be great! <3

Ok Here are more details

Arc Main Characters

-Shouji Kaiketsu
-Hanako Kaiketsu
-Dr. Kanzawa

First arc
-Hanako's Tribulation

-Details the events leading up to Shouji's diagnosis and the decision which will change their life forever.

What's Hanako's relation to Shouji? Mother? Sister? :S

If she's his mother, is she a single mom?

I'm guessing from the naming, that the setting is in Japan, correct? (I want to do some research on their healthcare system to help portray it a bit better).

Oh yea sorry forgot to add the rest of the information.(still trying this ren'py thing out; along with trying to learn photoshop to color the art if nessesary)

Hanako is Shouji's mother. She is a single parent. and Japan is the setting for the first few arcs. After that other arc's will take place in other locals around the world.

I am not so good with Japanese names so... can you tell me which characters are male and which are female? Sorry for that, I maybe also missread something.

hey guys, may i suggest an alternative ending?I think Hanako should be considered dead and then in the second season i suggest he would live again and surprise everybody.

Also, may I join as an artist?

I could help you with Ren'py if you'd like. (I've used it before)
btw what does the "Independent Group" do?
I read your description but am still not too clear about it.

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