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Farewell Colorless :') (Thread) - Page 2

Awww. Chou, good luck in your studies! And yes, you are finally getting a life. XD

;3; but....but....what about my commander? HERE YOU CAN HAVE MY CAPTAIN'S HAT, i'll be lowered to sassy sailor! ._. sniffle well i'll miss you then dear -salutes- please come back to your position if you decided to return~

-throws flowers into the WTF ocean- :3

how did I manage to not see this....FAWK CHOU T_T NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I wish you good luck in all your projects and also in school.
We've both been here for quite a while, but we've never had the chance to talk much, so I'll be adding you on Skype. 83
On a side note, it's awesome that you are ''getting a life'', but don't forget your passions and motivations, in order to keep on going at a good pace. ;]


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