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Falling Whistles (Thread)

Hey guys

So recently a group of people came to give an assembly at my school. Their name was falling whistles, and their goal is to spread the word of the war going on in the Congo, and hopefully get some supporters who are willing to either talk about it or donate to their cause (specifically, the removal of young children from the front lines.) You can find out more about them at

Also, they don't ask you to donate--just to spread the word however you can (which is what I'm doing right now, I guess)

In any case, check out the website if you have time.

I'll post this up on my twitter, to spread the word.

@IlunbuRe Thank You.

I'll post it on my facebook, This needs to be seen

@eleana007; no problem. As someone who donates blood/charity on any given chance I find this utmost moving. It's sad that the continent of Africa is still in such a state...

@Polnareff Yes it does--thank you
@IlunbuRe It really is

Posting this on my Facebook and Twitter.

@KadisYamasaki Thank You

i'll tell everyone i know

This is great

Thanks to everyone so far :)

This is a very worthy cause. I'll be sure to try and help out as best I can!

I'm going to post it on my Twitter and FaceBook. Thank you for supporting a good cause!

Posted in my facebook and twitter.
Wanna buy their whistle, I just don't have the money. XD

@AOA000 I might once I get some spare cash. XD

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