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The World Ends With You ((Possible sequel in the works?!)) (Thread)

I didn't see any post for this game, so forgive me if I skipped a topic on this already. D: And be warned, there's spoilers.

Since this gameis really popular, I decided to make a topic on this fabulous game.

It's no secret that this is one of my favourite games ever. Soly for it's gameplay, how the characters develop, the really good music, the character designs, and the unexpected TWEEEST at the end. Oh, and of course, Joshua. That little troll had me cracking up in Another Days.

I really, really wish that Square Enix would release a sequal of some sort, since I want to know how Joshua became Composer. But, that'll never happen in my life time. At least I think so.

So, what do YOU guys think about this game. And please, no flaming.

EDIT: So, Neku's in Dream Drop Resistance. A new Kingdom Hearts game for the 3DS.

I'm so getting a 3DS now. Anyone else getting it for Neku?

LOL. JOSHUA IS JUST SO...HNGGHHHH. XD "i call rainbow" faints

but yes. there was a twewy roleplay going on but i think it died, rawrz i wish it went a little further then it did. there's a lot of twewy fans out here haha.

i for one fell in love with the soundtrack first, absolutely amazing that i just had to download all of it! :) and then the fangirl worshipping fell into place :)

It's my favorite DS game until now. I love it.

I remember when it was released. It was one of these games no one knew about. I couldn't find it anywhere here in my country. Well... no surprise... but I couldn't find it even on ebay! It took me more then a month to get it.

Good thing it's now popular. It deserves it. Really good game.

I don't think a sequel would be possible... But I'm hoping for a prequel too, for the 3DS maybe. Hm..

Also... Beat <3

I'm one more pin away from completing the Darklit Planets set :'D

Best game ever. Right now, I love it more than Okami.

Oh btw, dibs on rainbow.

(And if you think about it, Kariya's probably been a Reaper longer than Joshua was a Composer)

SOHCAHTOA, RADIANS (god do I love Sho)

i have wanted to play this in the worst way....

Awww, TWEWY is the best DS game there is...

Joshua is A LOT older than you think. He's like that crazy uncle that loves messing with everyone. Sanae is awesome too.... :D

TWEWY! X3 I love that game! (^_^) I love the gameplay, music, storyline... just everything! I wish Neku and Shiki... would be together! <3 I just can't beat that stupid little piggy in the afterstory! I wanna play the ending! :D

Yoshiya: This might be true. Kariya's very smart, but really never uses his brains unless it's in dire situations.

Mobile Phone: Naw man, I think Joshua might acually be 15-16. He's just really smart, and likely out-smarted the Composer before him. If you think about it, if you stuck Izaya and Joshua in a room, they'd likely both kill each other at the same freaking time. Of course they'd troll each other before doing any killing.

... Damn, I sound like a fangirl again.

Definitely one of the best DS games in existence. Wish they'd make it an MMO or just do something more with it to keep it alive and evolving, cus it has so much potential

I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH. You can ask BlkSheep. I'm always playing it.

The characters; sdjfgdghsk, oh my Joshua. Is it possible for me to describe their awesomeness accurately? Seriously, all of them. They have such livid and vibrant personalities. Neku's growth as a character was phenomenal. Shiki is the one of the only really girly female protagonists I ended up liking. Beat and Rhyme are the most adorable sibling pair ever. I think Beat's the only guy ever that can pull off adorable and manly at the same time... Joshua. JUST JOSHUA. I hate/love/want to punch/want to hug him. I cosplay Hanekoma once a week. Every week. Sho makes me ENJOY MATH. Seriously. I wrote a poem about love using math terms because of him.

So yeah, you probably understand that I like the characters by now. >3>

As for a sequel... I wouldn't count on it. And honestly, I wouldn't want there to be a sequel unless they focused on a Reaper's Game in another location, maybe a major city in a different country.

Long story short: Love the characters, I'm fine with the fact that there's no sequel, and I'M TIGHT CAUSE MY R4 MESSED UP THE MOMENT I FINISHED TWEWY ON MY DS FOR THE FIRST TIME SO I CAN'T PLAY IT ON THE TRAIN IN THE MORNING.

What I mean is that Kariya's seen Taboo Noise before, while Joshua hasn't. And Joshua's probably way older than 15-16, judging by his supposed "real" form.

Rhyme's adorable. :'D
Not talking about @Rhyme , but she's also really adorable.

Also CAT's, Hanekoma's philosophies on how to live life? I live that way, or at least try my best to. That's how much I love TWEWY. He's practically inspired me as though he's a real person.

And dude. Where's the Neku love? I know he was a bitch early game, but you can't deny his huge turnabout that saved Shibuya itself and made him into a really likable character.

It's one game that's designed with the focus of being a DS game solely in mind, and it succeeded because of it.
Love the vibrancy in Shibuya presented in this game.

and yes, Sho is awesome.

I love TWEWY, I took me a while to get a hold of a copy but when I did I couldn't stop playing it ^_^. I like how it uses the DS features i.e. touchscreen and mic. The story was awesome, characters are really great; I actually found myself caring for all of them. And the music is amazing (but what would you expect from the creators of Kingdom Hearts), so amazing I bought the album of itunes :P. Deffinately one, if not the, best DS game.

Yes, its a great DS game! I <3 that wonderful thing! I have literally not stopped playing it for maybe a year I just love the story! Joshua is a champ! I never really quite expected that lovely ending even in the final moments before it happened~ Great job Square Enix!



I love TWEWY man that game was unknown in australia i was one of the lucky few to get a copy of one then after i finished it about 3 months later it became popular WTF

If the old neku met the new neku the old one would tell him to stop being a pussy but nah i liked the way neku turned out in the end

SPOILER Don't read below unless you have finished the game

no offense imma just saying i would of liked it if Shiki turned out to be SUPER HOT in the end (i don't have a glasses fetish SORRY)

i know it was to help neku progress just major let down even though i knew it was gonna happen

Is it playable with an emulator of would a DS be helpful?

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