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To Aru Majutsu no Index (Thread)

Since Railgun got a thread, it's obvious that's Magical Index should have one as well

so, main point is , who do you want Touma to get together with ? ;)

Mikoto Misaka is of course one of the massive candidate but after episode 8, I've also felt in love with Fukiyose Seiri <3

and no, I didn't love her because of those massive knockers .. definitely ..
definitely.. maybe orz

Watch it after Railgun and love it more than Railgun.

I want Touma/Mikoto to be together.

Yeah i want touma and mikoto to be together also but seiri fits and matches him better

/hi-fi @Zangkin

While I think that Misaka is totally adorable whenever she encounters Touma and how he always seems to be there for her, whenever she needs it, I can't help to feel a stronger bond between Touma and Index. Though, Touma might only represent an older brother figure in that case, since he's always taking care of her, making her food and giving her shelter.

Romantic-wise, of course, I'd go for Touma x Misaka, but chemistry-wise, Touma x Index is stronger, in my opinion. <3

Touma and Index definitely.

^subject to Pedophilia :P
I like Touma as a big brother to Index (tho in that situation Index obviously have a brother-complex ) but as lover, I'd like to see Touma with Misaka/Seiri/all other female characters/or even Misaka's mom >:)

In a parallel and unrealistic world...
I guess Touma x Accelerator would be nice, too :'D gets shot by all the fanboys

yeah, call me a pedo for favoring a pairing that you don't like and for not agreeing with your fcking opinion. That's real fair.
I'd vote for Touma x Misaka, but Misaka's so f
cking annoying that I don't even give a f*ck. I'd love to see a Touma x Seiri as well, but c'mon. Seiri's only been in 1 episode. It's a bit too early for me to change my mind just like that. I think these things through. I don't just vote for someone because I thought they were pretty or had big tits or something. That's just typical Type B Otaku/Anime lover attitude. -_-

hmm the teacher.. .jk jk misaka of course., tsundere electro master + guy who punches women

Touma and Index. I'm a pedo too. Sorry. oTL

I would love to ship Misaka and Touma because she gets all cute and stuff when they're together. But I'm a Kuroko x Misaka fan so.. no one else can has onee-sama. Hee. hides from all Touma x Misaka fans

im rooting for touma x mikoto and touma x imouto
and imouto will get the spotlight later in the season 2
look for it

@NoL lol, chill man , i was jk! ofc ToumaxIndex is awesome as well xD

oh yea, and anyone notice in episode 7, Touma call all the Misaka's clone : Misaka, but insist on calling the real misaka "biri-biri" xD made me lol

@Jin0410 ah... sorry about that. Guess I lost my cool there...

Indeed, I also do agree with Touma x Kanzaki.
She's an awesome big sister figure.~ I love how, despite being older and more mature, she falls so shy and silent in front of him. :3

Touma and Index!!
(just call me pedo too)

can u give me the link for those doujin?(i dont care if its hentai, cause the art is almost so similar to the real one)

i just searched that on google sorry to get your hopes up ^^

nah, no need
just that the art is so similar that its almost like its from the original manga
plus that he got some sense of humor

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