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To Aru Majutsu no Index (Thread) - Page 2

I was behind on the novels until just last week; I read volumes 20-22 in that period, AND I PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE WAITED UNTIL VOLUME 23. The cliffhanger at the end there just makes me go WHATDAEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

Spoilers for those who don’t read the novel (also, if you don’t read the novel, you’re missing out… big time; go learn Japanese now):

After giving his usual fist face rape to Uhou no Fiamma (and saving the mofo’s ass by letting him take THE ONLY ESCAPE METHOD), Touma pilots the Star of Bethlehem to ram into Gabriel, then he fought Gabriel personally, and while heading towards Gabriel, he starts to remember things that lead up to that point (well, post-memory lost), his fight to save the Misaka Imouto, the Angel Fall events, protecting Orsola, the sports festival, helping Agnese take out the battle ships in Italy, etc. etc. Touma and Gabriel attack, and the ship starts to fall apart due to the water pressure caused by its sinking. The epilogue of the chapter reveals that Gabriel had fallen apart, and lost its physical form, turning into energy and going back to where it came; the chapter ends stating that Touma had once again invited death. Afterward, Laura discovers that Aleister had arrived (he found Fiamma and cuts off his arm, but he's saved by Silvia and Ollerus afterward), but decides to not attack him as things had gotten interesting for her (just so we know, I’M IN LOVE WITH LAURA TO THE FRIGGIN’ MAX, HER HAIR PWRS PWN ALL). As for Touma, the novel concludes without us knowing what happened to him, only Mikoto finding the Gekota strap that they got together washed up on shore with the strap part torn.

So yeah, NEED VOLUME 23 PL0X, which should be released mid December, or, at the latest, somewhere in January. But really, we all know that Touma isn’t dead, or if he did die, some freaky Imagine Breaker thing would happen (like when Fiamma cut off Touma’s right arm and it used whatever that gunk was that came spewing out to reattach itself) to save him. What I want is A BADASS ENTRANCE BBY… and more Laura… and Lessar, gotta have more Lessar loli too.

As for the thread’s main question of who Touma should end up with, I don’t really care, though I’m a fan of Itsuwa or Kaori out of his amassed harem.

See the ultimate opening

Index/Railgun always have fabulous opening animations and songs! Also, I'll have to admit that the current ending theme is very lovely. ~

holy shit omfg the new opening is awesome!

the animation oF it is awesome!!!^^ (can't wait for the blue-ray)
also currently reading the novles, up to volume 13(After reading the end of volume 12 .... IT BLEW MY MIND AWAY!!)

ah i didnt know there was an index-thead^^ gotta post in this now!
i didnt read thenovels unfortunately becasue i dont really know where i can.. im gonna study japanese but as of now, i cant do much with the signs so i cant read even though i can understand the spoken word at an "okay" level i guess..

also, reading thorugh this thread i noticed a lot of calling touma x index pedo.. but isnt misaka actually younger than index? misaka is still in school and index seems to just eb underdeveloped, also it says she was friends with kanzaki who is older and styil (and also together wih styil) before, so if styil is not a pedo and kanzaki not into having little girls as friends, i would assume that inde is actually older than touma or at least older than misaka.

Touma is fifteen, Index is fifteen and Misaka is fourteen.

Anyone who says anything about pedo with Misaka must be forgetting Komoe-sensei. Who's been through college and gotten a degree in teaching, one would assume, but at the very least is of drinking age.

EDIT: In the author notes at the end of volume 5, it states that Komoe is currently the oldest female character in the novels.

@unOWEN yeah, right? i find the reactiosn to komoe-sensei ratehr funny, too- toumas bluehaired firend whos name i forgot wants her, toumas parents didnt mind her at all and accelerators reaction was epic xD
i just foudn it funny that all the misaka x touma shippers on the first site of the thread called the index x touma shippers pedos even though misaka is younger than index xD

awesome pic of Komoe-sensei
anyone played the PSP game?

I want to leave the third season >:D

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