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Hetalia? Who's your fave character then? OwO (Thread)

EH? Some fans?


Mine's Norway and Japan.

(and sometimes Iceland, but it's the whole Nordic team XD)

My favorite Hetalia characters are Russia, America, and China.

Though all of the other characters are awesome too!

Even though you didn't ask, I'm posting my favorite pairing too. It's RussiaxAmerica. Cold War angst ftw!

Kikukiku kiku!!! XD


but mostly Asia, the USSR and Poland |D

Haven't finished the series yet but i have the feeling i'll love Prussia :D

@Chihaya: He is made of AWESOME. XD

@Mikuo: KIKUUUUU!!! XD

@TanuTan: YEA! Cold war rocks! I want to see a Doujin though.

@pockymahou~: your avatar is Liet! XDD Poland is TTLY cool |D and Russia is... KolKolKol

@gazxiii I would love to see a RussiaxAmerica Doujin based on the Cold War XD

@TanuTan that will be epic. U

Russia, Prussia, Japan, Spain, England and America XD

Poland and Prussia, hands down. ;3

@gazxii i also love the Nordics~ "orz too many favorite characters

@TanuTan I think they have doujins here~

@pockymahou~ Thanks. I'll check that out

England and Japan a.k.a iggy and kiku <3

they're so cuuuute ~~~~

Mines Norway (I'm from a very norwagian state and my last name is norwagian. YAY Norway!! Besides he is the bomb!...after Izaya LOL) and Romano. He tries to throw tomatos at people.

@Etsuko Det er stor! dOwOb I'm finding some Norwegians here in Colorless too.

China! I love the Asian nations XD (lol so biased)

and the Soviet Union Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania + Poland XD

fave pairings are ChinaXRussia and LietPol XD

England xD and also Sweden and Finland.


canada egypt greece and korea

England! And Romano. <3 Tsundere power! xD

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