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Hetalia? Who's your fave character then? OwO (Thread) - Page 2

My favorites are America, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, Prussia, and South Korea, but I like all of the countries represented so far. Shinatty-chan is great too; I can't believe no one mentioned him yet!

@gazxiii I meant that the state in the US I was born in was heavily settled by Norwagians. But I am proud of my norwagian heritage. Sorry.

I thought there was already a thread for this somewhere... OTL

Italy (he is sooo cute <3), England xDDD and Japan^O^

England, Russia (vodkaaa!) and China

Russia, Prussia, Korea, Denmark

If he exists, I would love Papal states XD

Otherwise, I like Finland best not just because of his personality but also because of the inevitability of the undrawn strip of


America and China.....soo funny. America calls out china like a pokemon.

I AM COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH HETALIA!! my fave is probably north italy he is so frickin' adorable >.< and switzerland <3 <3 <3 so awesome... and japan too he's cool xD

and russia xx

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