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Keroro Gunso FanClub (Thread)

Who think Keroro Gunso is hilarious anime??
I do~
Love it so much~
So anybody want to share they opinion about this superb anime?

:D I love Keroro Gunso.
I watched up to 100 or so episode then forgot what episode I was on and hadn't watched it since though.
My favourite character is Dororo/Zororo. :)

Indeed Keroro is an amazing series, sadly I can't get my hands on the anime so I've been reading the manga. Just recently finished Vol.14

All the characters are awesome though my favourites would have to be Dororo, Giroro and Tamama (gotta love the crazy psycho~)

Also anyone seen there is a DS RPG for the series? It looks pretty epic, here's footage of a boss against a dragon I found.

yup!!! I think everyone might like Dororo since Dororo is quite pity, right??
hahaha.... anyway i like all of them!!!

i watch the anime series but it is hard to find the sub one since there are not many people sub this anime. wish i know japanese...

has anyone watch the new movie? it was fantastic. Really like it!

I'm a pretty big Keroro fan.
There don't seem to be too much Keroro fans in CL though : /

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