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A question of god :D (Thread)

If god created the who has create god?? :D
if you have an answer i would like to hear it :)

This will either die or become a total religion war in which I want no part in.

I agree with Bartender. Isn't this a little bit of a dangerous question?

hahaha sorry maybe :/ but what else!!! its only a question and i dont want to fight only to hear some opinios of differents persons :D

God created himself cos he's in fact...


@DSP your logic. Win.

@bellphegor If we're talking about the Christian God, then the answer is that God is eternal. He doesn't exist in our timeline. There was nothing before him.


@Sushi: WRONG! YOU ARE GOD! shot

:) thaks for your opinios people. i dont believe in god D: also i think that GOD is the personification of somethin and NOT SOMEONE

What do you mean by personification?

God defines existence. Creation is defined within existence. Whatever you believe God is, he/she is probably not a part of existence in our sense, and was therefore not created.

That's how someone who studied logic would probably respond.

IMHO Existence is God; we're not separated from God and God is everything around us; the universe itself. Oh what a bs.

Same thing could be said for the big bang theory. A dense hot mass that expanded rapidly to form the still expanding universe of today. But where did that hot dense mass originate?

embodiment? i mean that people thinks that god is like a supernatural person

God's dad. Isn't that obvious?

@Tokoyami Are you talking about a god from a specific religion, or God as an overall term?

My belief is that if you do not believe in God, then you are in essence separated from God. Well, actually, "Hell" is separation from God. So right now we're not separated from him, but once we die we are either with him or separated.

@spazztikpinkAK47 yeah thats what i would like to know

@chronical i respect your opinion but dont think that everybody will think as you

@NGH im not talking about any specific god from some religion :D

I think he was just making a joke. Cause people come from parents, and so on...?


Well then your question isn't the best one to ask, because not only do most religions have more than one god, but they also all have a different past.

@DSP: win.

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