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A question of god :D (Thread) - Page 11

btw i made god.

god is just like a kid who create everything just for fun and destroying it because he/she has already bored

The creator thinks, therefore we are!
Though we think of him most of all, the creator is not!

I hope this answer your question to some degree

He was here in the beginning. He has no creator because he himself is the creator of all things. He was and always will be there.

@PureBoredom Woah, that old guy really had me convinced with his quick movements and body language. Until I remembered he is just making bland statements that have no definite proof and he himself fell into the bullshit department.

It's comedy. It's supposed to be bullshit.

Preaching about how God doesn't exist doesn't make you smart.

@mizlily I agree and god or gods or what ever people believe in do exist just because you dont believe in them doesnt give anyone the right to say if they do or not.

There are things that are better off without knowing, my friend.....

Chill off people, you're all thinking so hard even though the answer is easy: He created the beginning. That's why he's the beginning of everything.

He's the real meaning of infinity. Anyway, does anyone think that this "Infinity" thingamajig is literal?

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