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Views on Life (Thread)

How do the Colorless people view life as?
For example, for me, life is just a game- like a board game.
-There's always a starting point that you can go back to (aka home).
-If you play your cards right, your life can be a success. If you don't, you take a step back.
-You take a chance. ("If I do this, hopefully, this should work out")
-You accept challenges (jobs,education).
-You level up( changing schools, drinking age, driving, car rental, working), etc.

My view on life is weird >.< but that's how I see it as. How do you look at it?

I look at my life like a thing I have to enjoy and make the best out of it. I don't want to earn millions a month if I'd have to study until I'm 40, I want a proper job where I earn enough money to buy games and an apartment with enough space for me and my friends to live.
I don't really have a "board game"-type of view.. It's just a thing that we can either way enjoy or not enjoy.

My life is like....a circle...everyday it's the same thing.
Thrilling huh?

Yui, woah. No but seriously, no day is the same on CL ;D

Lol I use to think of it as a game, lol when I turned 20 I kept saying I levelled up yo but then I dunno life is crappy so it's now ended up being a yoyo, going from amazing right back to shit and then amazing and etc.

Well.. i don't hav a single way of view life.
My point of view is constantly changing along with my mind and thoughts.

@Chronical Yui, woah. No but seriously, no day is the same on CL ;D

Well actually.. it is ._.

Life is just a gamble, nothing more.
You already know that the casino closes at the end of the day :')

Life is what you make it, and what you believe it is. Life for me is to take my own individual paths to reach my goals, and I want to face everything thats gets in my way, sometimes I may have to turn back, or give up.
Life is not about winning more to enjoy every piece of life, even the bad times. Because its all experience.
I'm a such a philosophic retard.

@Chou "Life is what you make it, and what you believe it is." Nami agree!
To be more specific about my little response.
I said that is hard for me to make a point of view about life, because i think life is "nothing", it's just an idea and what i will do about it. Like a blank paper ready to be drawn n filled with stories. How i see it, how i draw on it, how i write on it, and "what" it is in constant change, because i'm thinking, i'm growing, i'm experiencing every second. Like Heraclitus said "You can't step into the same river twice." That's why i said i can't hav a single point of view of this matter, probably tomorrow i will be seeing all this in a different way.
But if u ask what's my point of view about life, right now, that's it.

Edit: As i already said on other topics, i love this kinda philosophic threads, i would expend hours talking about things like this. But it's hard for me to put in into words when im using other language (english in this case), So please, excuse me if i cant express myself correctly >.< My english is so limited.

@Namida I agree these threads that make you think are great and really make me happy to see what others think and to post my own thoughts. Personally I believe that life is what you make of it. You only have one life to live and why not make the best of it? If you work hard in the beginning of your life like at school it will only 1) make you feel better about yourself 2) help you in the future and 3) benefit you for your whole life. If you do good in school you can get a better job which means you are open to more posibilitys to do what you want. As for the rest of my beliefs I agree completely with @Namida life is ever changing and you are the one making the changes, if it is for the better or worse you cantrol your life and your experiences in that life.

@DSP- yo-yo is a game :P You've got your ups and downs but hopefully, it's just a temporary thing.
@Chou - "Life for me is to take my own individual paths to reach my goals, and I want to face everything thats gets in my way, sometimes I may have to turn back, or give up."
As I was reading that, I could see my mind looking down at my "game" with challenges and just getting through things. If you fall, you just stand back up and try again.
@Namida- I like the blank paper view. It's like drawing your life as you go and shape it to what you want it to be and if you make a mistake, you erase it and redraw it as in taking a step back and restarting.
@astrogaijin- I think school is a bit too early for future planning, I suppose. I mean when I went to school, a lot of people just... didn't care. They did nothing. When I was in school, I didn't know what to do. But even now, I'm not too sure but at least I'm going to try and go out there. I think ppl just get these switches that make them realise that it's time to do something and not just focus on relationship dramas and parties/clubbing. But everyone's switches over at different times. People who don't go to school can get a better job than an educated person, but they work harder for it. (Sorry for ranting >.<)

@Kanna it may be too early but if you work hard at it even if you do not know what you want to do, is only a benefit. You lose nothing and gain alot. The more prepared you are before you have to go out into the "real" world the better off you will be. For those who think school is pointless will miss out on alot in life and regret it. School may be boring but it is necessary. You will have to do alot of stuff in life that you don't like but is necessary it's just a fact of life.

Right now my life is a fishbowl. I can only swim in circles, but outside the glass i can see this unbelievably big world. I just can't get there... Yet.

@astrogaijin- "No pain, no gain" right? Well people in school think they have time to think about the future. That time passes REALLY quickly lol It's just that students don't realize it until they're older that they have missed out.
There shouldn't be a point in regretting something in the past. If they missed their chance in school, hopefully they'll look into the future and get ready when another chance comes =) Not focus on the past and lowering themselves because they miss that chance. People are like that unfortunately =(

@Noodle- There will be a time when you'll be moved from that fish bowl to the sea =D

Life in general is very boring. School from ages 4-21 (sometimes more), then work for the rest of your life, then we die. I'm not being depressed here, just realistic. That's why with me I try to add a little spice to my every day life. I try to do something new/crazy every day (but not life threatening). Talking to someone new, making a new friend, going on little adventures, or having just some deep down conversations over a cig with some friends. I'm one of those kinds of people that HATES routines, so I try to do something different every day :D

First off, I love some of the responses here~ Particularly the ones from @Sushi & @DarkChaplain

For me, life is a horribly overcomplicated, ever-changing, zero-sum game. At the start, everyone's dealt the hand they gotta use, and some people are dealt winning hands while others get shitty hands... and there's really nothing that can be done about it. For the most part, your hand won't change much at the beginning while you're still trying to get adjusted to figuring out all the crazy rules you have to follow, both the written set of rules and the unwritten rules that screw you over if you ignore them, but can be a benefit if you learn to manipulate them to your own ends. You also have to learn some of the other players of the game, routinely forming alliances and going at ends with them throughout the entirety of the game. Eventually your choices will have impact, but it's always easier to lose what you have than to gain it, and plenty of players are aiming to take your share in addition to their own. There is no such thing as winning the game, everyone loses sooner or later, but if you team up with another player it's possible to bring a new player in & start them with the best hand the two of you can provide in order to give them as much of an advantage as possible.

@Kanna I agree that it's too bad that people think that way but it is human nature to want to fix the past into something better. Everyone has regrets it's just those who learn from them and move on that succede in overcoming those obsticales and become a better person that way. The best way to learn is to fail and try again. I remember a quote from Albert Einstein when someone said to him does it make you feel sad that you failed 100 times at making a lightbulb, and he said he didn't fail he just found 99 ways how not to make a lightbulb.

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."

.. thanks, anon. I now want to re-watch Forrest Gump.

@anon your awesome high five

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