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This about sums it up.

I use to think life was like a book but than i stopped thinking that cause it got annoying and repetitive.
Author - god
protagonist - your self
antagonist - life issues
supporting characters - friends, family,ect...
conflict - conflict
climax - college or dream job in some cases but it changes from each person i guess cause college isn't all there is but hopefully you get where that's going
plot - ???
so on so forth :P
but yea i always got upset over animes and manga cause of the view and endings always bother me now.

durarara quote the world isn't what it seems to me i say the world is a giant science lab and your mixing the chemicals ie the choices you make, and everyday is the results of what you did yesterday. so yeah LIFE IS AN EXPERIMENT

Life to me is like one big school. You never stop learning, there will always be trial and error. And it seems there will always be rules and someone telling you what to do. But there are also those times when you can "skip" out on your troubles and toss your homework to the ground. And what makes school worth it? Friends. Life is nothing without friends/family. You can be that hard working honor student in life, the daydreamer, or the stupid bully. It's all up to you.

I've changed my views on life a thousand times, so all this right here probably won't be the same here in the next year or maybe even a few months :P

this aint a movie yall no fairytale conclusion yall it get more confusing everyday

                                      -john legend

Life...Life to me is as Some others have said @TehNomZombies Life really sorta is a huge school. but that isn't all I think On Life. Life is an Adventure, if you want have Fun, you Gotta look for it, You want Happiness, you gotta work for it.

If it's easy, you're doing it wrong.

the meaning of life is, simply to give life meaning, everything seems pointless until a reason is shown to why it isn't. Honeslty even right and wrong are just established concepts, that is why there are different views on everything, you exist to find a reason to exist

~~bumpity bump~~

I'm glad Kanna brought this post up...or else my mind would have turned this information into a condensed file in the back of my mind forever probably...

OK. Life is either

1) Success/failure is determined by self assessment
2) not meeting success is failure

It's pretty much a destination. But the voyage is into the unknown, the final frontier.

You are an engineer in charge of building a self sustaining rocket/space shuttle to fly into outer space.

Most of your adolescence and teen life is the education of the engineer. Some teens may have already been a "genius" and graduated early and started building a fantastic rocket for themselves. Good job.

As you leave home, you build your own rocket. sure, wealth and prestige of the top 10% places you well. Some have already launched themselves into space. Some may never be able to.EVER.

Some of the Spaceships break the last ozone. They are now frictionlessly traveling in space. Some may burn up in the atmosphere due to underestimation of life calculations. Some may even crash back into Earth. Some die. Some survive to try again. Some are too paralyzed by fear of failure to do it ever again...

Those traveling to the path of success are not without fault.
They may run out of oxygen.
Underestimate how much food there is needed.
Develop relationships forbidden.
Written errors into the program of the computers.
Run out of fuel.
Run into asteroids and combust.
Ram into another spacecraft and meet their end.

only a small percentage can reach their "planet X" (lol Disney Treasure Island can sue me for all i'm worth, idgaf)
The rest, they live pitiful unfulfilled lives.

Basically the higher and farther away from the base home planet, the harder, and more devastating the fall, or rather death.
Once you have been closer to success, it is harder to reach it than ever before.

because probably success is something everybody CAN achieve but as exemplified by real life, not everybody can reach it.

Blame macroeconomics, or the lottery or even your parents. I don't fucking care.
Because after all, the ones reading this post are most definitely in the top 10% of the population in the world.

FUCK off. I don't give a fuck if you are dirt poor and can't eat a 2 dollar lunch like me at school, or a rich sonovabitch in a New York private school.
Because after everything that you have depended your life upon, after the age of 18, no one can help you anymore.
I don't care if you are financially well off after flunking HS and college only to return and smoke some more bong in your parent's mansion. That is in my eyes FAILURE. Maybe its success to the person, but snorting crack and selling my body to supply my addiction is not what I define as SUCCESS.

Because the only way to fulfill a good successful (yes, they are synonymous captain obvious) life is to strive what you want out of a bitch called life and get what the fuck you want out of it, by any means possible.

because, nobody will do it for you, and if somebody else does, it means that the charitable person looks down on you pitifully, a failure.


lol thx to Kanna. i really needed to get this off my chest XD

I view life as what you make of it. It could be easy or it could be hard. Mostly its just the thing I wake up to daily.

You should everyday as if its your last. I agree with PigBoss life is success or failure.

Since I died once, I think of it as a bother.

Then again, being dead is a lot less fun so I guess it's the lesser of two boring things.

I think of it as that thing that sucks but you kinda have to do it... like..

do good in life, enjoy a kick ass afterlife chilling with Jesus.


do good on a test, get good grade :D

Life is pointless. We're all going to die, there's no denying that fact. Thus, people should do and believe what they want. I agree that life is a game, because a game is also pointless. Winning and losing that truly means and amounts to nothing. It's also a play. We're all actors, entertaining another, and then when it's over it means nothing. There is no point. The end.

@Nihilist thats quite sad life i admit end eventually but whats the point of living if you go a head and give up before you even start. Life is important with out it you cant go out here and become something like a hero or what ever you wanna be.

@SETTON18 I said nothing of giving up. Just that life was pointless and meaningless.

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