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What does you guys want for Christmas? (Thread)

Yeah, so what does you guys want for Christmas?

I want Final Fantasy XIV or a camera >:-D

Some good markers and any nice manga. I used to ask for videogames but I don't enjoy most of the newer ones...

Old videogames... I miss you guys.

When they were about entertaining gameplay and not about entertaining CG scenes. If I wanted to see CGs I would buy a movie not a game, damn it.

Aw, whatever...

I want Crispin Freeman to come to my house and give me free voice acting lessons. For real.

No, no, on a serious note... I want a new iPod. And a whole bunch of new pins.

I want speakers and some skiing clothes... That's about it

Izaya, Hibari or Rolo.. ^///^


A mirror in my room. ^^

Kinekt _

A webcam, YEAH, FINALLY.



a nice big 1TB Hard Drive for all my por- I mean important documents nod nod :P

A new bass-guitar, mine is dying.
But i know i wont get it u.u and i hav to rehearse with my band next week.
dunno what i'm gonna do about that x.x
Anyways, hope u guys get cool presents ^-^

i always wanted to wear a sailor's hat. :) but i'd be content, with just spending time with my family <3

super smash bros brawl, scott pilgrim books and money. :D

@Sushi I'm not a pedophile, you know... o.O

own apartment not far from where I rent it now. but it is impossible. so... good rest will be a good present. maybe double scholarship. oh, and second volume of Murakami Haruki's 1Q84.

A job.


But ^ that one is good though.

The destruction of all mankind

I want you Chou my dearest. So we can have awesome closet parties with everyone med moomins. /o/

If no, i just want AC1 :0

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