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Poll System (Thread)

Instead of post-voting, it has been suggested by @TokoyamiSenshi to add polls to threads, in which important decisions need to be made. Since regular users can't reply on the modboard, they will at least be able to vote their opinion.

This method will be faster to compile votes, instead of relying on post-voting. While post-voting is also a very good idea, a poll is a summary of all the ideas given, which will buy time and cause less confusion.

The duration of the poll is still to be discussed. Though I believe that it depends on what we need to vote on. On the other hand, setting a constant interval for votes(example: two weeks) might work as well.

You are all free to give your thoughts about this idea. :)
As for regular users with opinions, you can PM me with your idea and I will add it.

Polls should be viewable on the front page in my opinion, too many would miss it otherwise. Having it on the front page would be easy (I suggest the left side since it's empty, or maybe like a pop-up window accessable with a Poll-button) and everyone would be able to see the development for as long as it's active instead of voting in a thread and never see the result.

That's a great idea!
Though, I think that both scenarios should be acceptable.

  1. Polls on the front page: Important decisions related to all of the community.
  2. Thread-only polls: Created by thread-creators. It might be very useful for project threads, such as voting for desired medley/chorus songs or simply for contests~ :)

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