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Durarara!! General (Thread) - Page 81

I was born on the b day as izaya (may 4) but I'm still young!!!^^ I love humans also and I like messing with people!! I always smile when there's a problem!! Even in detention^~^

can u tell me how to be like izaya plz !?!

Be a douchebag.

all the time.

get a facelift and do botox regularly to get that smug look.

You can't be like Izaya, because you already asked for help on the matter.


Ask Izaya.

@Hutch Hutchenson lol that was the first thing I thought of when I saw the name of the thread.

Become the ultimate troll, start being a master at parkour, etc, etc. Psh. Never gonna happen

I thought stance punks as well....

Anyway as for the OP no, just no.

First are you asking how to be a dick, information broker, or both?
Secondly, Are you Male?
Third, do you have a man who'd do anything to see you dead?
Fourth, do you have a head in your office, hell do you have an office?
Fifth, do you have a secretary who has a strange fetish for her brother.
Sixth, do you have hot sisters?

If you have all these qualifications congrats your izaya.

obviously be this

and this

and you probably would also need to be this

and learn to speak russian

phone smasher by day... skipper by night...

i love seeing them posing yaoi with their boyfie, i mean, they look so hot + adorable + sweet (although i didn't support gay :p)
what's your fave yaoi picture? ><

I was looking forward to a Pokemon thread. All my hopes and dreams were shattered.

i love this >< both looks hot


should i say... the couples in junjou romantica and sekai-ichi hatsukoi... ?

I'm sitting here enjoying that one epic christmas song with the electric guitars and stuff then I see that yaoi picture.

Oh well there goes my happy mood.

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