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Hello. ^^

I'm new here, saw DRRR, came running, Aha.

Hey guys I'm kinda new to the site but I have a strong feeling there making a season 2 because why would they interduce all these other new characters to us now I mean come on now there's a lot more story behind this I know it

so izaya's sisters are lesbo FOR EACH OTHER, what the fuuuuuuck?


They aren't lesbos! They're bi, they're just crazy like Izaya though, which is most likely why Mairu is the way she is, Kururi well shes not exactly like Mairu and I don't think shes really bi, she just kisses Mairu cause thats her twin. I'm not sure, but whatever (:

Do twin sister usually kiss each other in the lips for more than 5 seconds? I don't think so.

Also, it's not the lesbo part that is disturbing.

Because they're twins, they didn't want to be classed or looked at as if they were the same. So they both made up strange personalities for themselves so people saw them differently... if that makes sense. So like, Mairu became a pervert by choice and Kururi became the quiet, unbothered one by choice. (There's a better explanation in the novels, but I'm sure it's something along those lines >_<)

I've seen it being done... :l
Than what is? And Kururi isn't lesbo.


Uhh.. alrighty than. Haha

hey uhm.. I'm new here, and, i was just wondering if anyone knew anything about there being a second season?
if no that's ok,
but i heard that there was a petition about it, and they got the amount
of required people to sing it for them to make another season,
but it was only a roomer i heard.
is it true? and if so, how long ago was this?

Two women making out with each other not lesbian? reminds me of a song lyric. Also the new Duke Nukem had twincest and look how poorly received that was?

lyric at about 2:35 or so.

@Reinome no news about a second season but the petition has met its quota of signatures. But in my opinion the petition won't do diddly squat for a second season. Get all the signatures you want but it won't get the animators in Japan to work. If the fans really want another season of DRRR!! then they should be buying the dvds and merchandise of the series, because then the profits of the sales will fund and pay the animators and production teams in Japan to push out another season. You get what I'm saying?

I'm sorry for the rant.


Nena-Chan is a dumbby!! :P

MWAHAHA Just kidding love you onee-chan!! <3


Awesomist show ever created!!! I love the show deeply!!!

@eterno @JoJoBird
No, in the novel Mairu stated that she was bi, Kururi has a pretty obvious affection towards Aoba (I swear, Aoba back, but that's another story.), and both of them are freaking obsessed with Kasuka.
Then again, when you look at someone like Izaya, you shouldn't really be surprised that his sisters are messed up, if not, even more messed up than their brother.

iza's sisters epic


Lately i've been hearing how Izaya is evil and well just plain out useless. Well im hear to say the evil part maybe true but not the useless part.I for one think Izaya is AWESOME!!!!! LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!!

this isnt a durarara fan just take it to that thread in the link above me

Who do you think is sronger?Izaya or Shezuo.Choose your side.

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