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Oh, and yea, Izaya has been useless for a good half of the newest novels these days. He's just mostly gathering people to side with him -not that I'm saying it's bad (I mean, look at that lucky bastard. Three hot chicks and one SEXY BITCH controlled by Saika, but nonetheless) siding with him-

At this point, I don't even consider Izaya as an antagonist anymore. He's got too many rivals and opposing forces that, imo, makes him seem pretty protag now. (And yes, I consider Awakusu-Kai as one of his "Opposing forces" as well given the fact that they hired Slon just to freaking keeping tabs on him; but that's another story

Yes, but you got to remember that even though Izaya dosnt really do much you got to hand it to him . I mean he created a whole mess of trouble by himself.Now im not saying he's ever going to be the good guy.In other words if he was useless how would be able just by a snap of his fingers cause a whole mess of trouble.And thanks to him there"s much more drama in well pretty much everything.

Hardly. If anything, most of the things were just caused by people who are looking for Celty's head. Izaya is just one of the more important factors in the beginning. And no, he didn't create the trouble by himself. There's the whole nebula and saika factor as well. What Izaya really did was the gang war that happened before the story-- and that was just to show the audience that he's slightly screwed in the head.

Actually, you won't be able to understand without reading the novel. Izaya was like a freaking needy and deredere for 6 volumes. Oh, and Izaya's also one of my favourite characters- but that's just how he is right now. Facts are facts.

I"ve haerd of the novels and im going to have to get them soon.But anyway in a way i see what your saying but on the other hand Izaya uses outher people and events just to prove point to everything and everyone.In other words he uses peoples problems and combinds it with others to cause a new problem .so in a since he dose do a lot.

He also dosnt mind who he crushes as long as he proves his point.Therefore makeing him the one and true villan in durr.

and yes most of the thing he dose are probily a cry for attention.

No, you'll see how useless (sort of. More off track, really) he gets after vol 3...
And the only thing Izaya really has control over is the head.
I wouldn't even go as far as him controlling the Yakuza... Which is where the anime pretty much stopped at. He doesn't barely even cause any trouble anymore. If anything, he's the one that's facing a bunch of uncalled for problems and dangers. (Hence he has like, 3 bodyguards.)
And unless if you know Traditional Chinese and/or Japanese, I don't think the Durarara!! novels are on sale in any other language..

durarara is great thats all i have to say

i really love how baccano! was the password for the dollar's website!!! also i loved how miria and isaac came when the dollars all joined together!!!!!

@izzyswan Shizuo's definitely stronger. Physically I mean. Izaya's strong emotionally / mentally yeah that could work.

Oh my gosh~ This is my first time replying on a thread here. I love Durarara so much! I just happened to pass by this site yesterday and I already saw the many fans of Durarara I immediately, without a second thought signed up. Even if this site is not really dedicated to Durarara the chatroom's alike with the real one in the anime (it's so coooool)

I really hope to meet nice people here (omg take care of me =))) !

VERYVERYLATE but my favorite scene would be when Dollars teamed up to save Anri~ I have to say Shizuo's "Kill" rant while bouncing up and down Celty's motorbike was also for the win =))

I cannot express how much I am in love with Durarara right now <3

@Invisibletranspa @ momimochi
first off i know shiuo is like extremly strong.that part is true.but what like you say izaya can dodge a lot of shizuo's venting machines and fists. and to both of you even though he might be a little off edge on strenth and his sanity he's still one of the best. IDK how or what is going on with him but im sure he'll make a comeback.And were on earth did you get those books but i NEED them. And im glad you love durarara

And to honest I LOVE durarara soooo much to. i watch it all the time and im not ready for Izaya to be put down and let me say something . am i the only one who thinks that shizaya is soooo wrong i mean if they hate eachother why pretend that they really like eachother .seriously guys get the picture dude.So let's keep the to as they are.let them hate eachother i mean its better that way.I love izaya <3 # one fan :)

I love durrarara!!! My fav if you already know me mine is Izaya!!! And for some reason my strange fanart has bloomed into this. who's your favorite charictar on durrara.

oh it's this thread again. I love durarara and gay butt sex! who's your favorite character? get the fuck outa here.

What. .

Anyway if you dont like it bet it

Oh, and I'd like to point out that Izaya does NOT hate Shizuo officially as of the end of vol.6. Also, with the fact that Narita wrote a SHIZAYA story- rated M and released it even though the editors made himmakes them even MORE canon... Much to my dismay since I adore IzayaXNamie.

@Momimochi Yeah, Shizaya has nothing on IzaNami.

But honestly, I did not support IzaNami from the get-go. Took me 6 volumes to make me love that pairing to death.

I started with crack shipping Izaya and Rio or whatever the heck her name was, but then in volume 4 Izaya wanted to have hotpot with Namie...

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