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Durarara!! General (Thread) - Page 2

@Kagu hahah ! same :D

@Kagu Yea I liked that one too!! It was funny.

I have to agree with Kagu.

Although I love Izaya, sometimes I love to watch him fall. <3 Haha

Thiiiis? YES! ^^

When did this become a Simon punches Izaya thread?! T_T

Mines was when Izaya stepped on the phone XD

from what was in the anime, the scene in where mikado typed in the password and revealed his true identity as dollar's leader through that, it gave me a very epic feeling, and even though more epic scenes followed later, none other managed to get that certain feel out of me. so its that one.

Number One

Sequences of Shizuo when he was a kid. So cute. <3

Well, I liked the cellphone stomp and the punch the best, but I also liked when that wannabe gangster guy was all "YO..YO...HEY MAN!"

I liked the cellphone stomp (sounds like a dance...) and the huge outbreak text messages.

When Celry roundhouse kicks that guy and Izaya starts jumping on him.


That gif. <3

The end of episode 10 when Mikado says "I have all the pawns I need."

Freakin' epic moment is brought to you by Moot!kado.

Simon punching Izaya in the face was the best possible scene for me. I was so pissed that he was getting out of everything without a scratch despite being such a horrible person. The fact that he was skipping without a care in the world beforehand made it that much sweeter.

But, after that would be the entire chain of events set in motion by Mikado in episode 9, including Celty riding down that building and filled with enough willpower that she psychically projected her voice into people's heads.

And third on the list would be pretty much any scene involving an angry Shizuo, but especially the Ripper Night incident when the gloves came off (or I guess went on, in this case).

And fourth would be the Twins' moment towards the end of episode 25 which I'm not going to say any more about for the people who have yet to see it.

Ep 25, shizuo lifting and throwing a truck behind him while saying, "Iiiizaaaaayaaaaaaa."


@Hanko I love that one!! Kid Shizuo is so cute!!!

when.... kida is fighting everyone and they all rush in. That was just epic to me. don't know why. :D

Oh and the part where Kida is meeting up with the yellow scarves and he leaves Mikado and Anri going:
"Mata Ashitanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

That part made me laugh so hard XD

Mikado rushing into his computer when Celty and Izaya are in his room, and then turning around saying "All the cards are in my hands."

Epic Mikado is epic

Still the 'Power of the Numbers' moment.

I just imagined that happening in real life and how incredibly epic that would have been. xD

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