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@IIEarlGreyII Definitely that.


I also like the scene where Shizuo pulls on the gloves and starts fighting all the saikas + when Izaya got punched by Simon xD

Izaya's cellphone stomping <3 XD


Also in my Top 5 Fav Moments

Shizuo's awesome strength made his clothes fly off. LOLLLLL

You have no idea how many times I re-watched that this day I still crack up laughing at that..

For some reason the scene with Celty where Shizuo goes like

Yosh korosu!
Zettai korosu!
Kakujitsuni korosu!
Neraute korosu!

has always stayed with me.. =P

The Dollars meeting, that was just an OH MAI GAH moment for being a bad guy.

I love all of them!!! You know what, it is too hard to pick only one in my opinion! All of them rock!!

inb4 cellphone stomping

i love the part when Erika said that Shizu-chan's definitely in love with Izaya...and Dota-chin, Walker, Todusa and Celty's reaction are funny when they deny the fact

any episodes when there is kida and izaya :)

@cbSKY I have to look again.....but there are some at like episodes....14-24 i think. I will have to check again.
This, Izaya getting puched, any scene w/ Shizuo and Mikado's "All the cards are in my hands now" because Mikado does it LIKE A BOSS.

Kida vs Blue Square in the warehouse. I dunno, I just loved how he continued fighting despite the wounds on his head. And I love the blood lol

Other than that, the scene @Daeya posted. It was truly awesome!~

When the bitches lost their cellphone 'cuz of Izaya-samaa. 8D
Like, doh.
That scene on YouTube was the reason that I watched DRRR. :3

Ah, there's too much to like~~

Best 'scene' :P

But apart from that, cellphone , little Shizuo, Simon punch and ballpoint scenes have already been mentioned which are ultra-win. But how can we forget:

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