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Durarara!! General (Thread) - Page 4

I think the best scene is when Mikado is contemplating whether Anri is kidding about being a stalker and whether if he is okay with it!

there are so many moments that i will put a list of my favorites:
-when izaya imitates a motorcycle
-when simon punches izaya
-the moments when something really big is reveled : kida and yellow scarves, mikado and the dollars, izaya and celty's head and others

there are so many other moments that i really love but my dinner is ready, so i will leave it for another time!

  1. ep 25: shizuo banged his head on izayas
  2. idk which ep: cellphone stomp (duh)
  3. idk which ep again: when kida was sad D:

The part where all the Dollars team up to help Anri was epic!!!

That one time when that guy throws that heavy object, you know?
Totally the best moment in the entire series.

hmm~ I love when izaya answering phone from Dotachin (ep. 4) and said
" Sushi Love~ Ore wa otoro daisuki da~"
( Sushi Love~ I love Fatty Tuna~)

Now that I've gone back and watched it all over again...

I have to say it's the scene in which Mikado and Anri show up to save Kida, and there's that three-way-screen-split in which they all realize who one another really is.

So. Freakin. Epic.

And of course, when Shinra 'proposes' to Celty and they end up hugging on the sofa. But that's just cause they're my OTP. XDDD

Sorry, had to post this.

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! (almost dies) I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!! I also love the version Shizuo and Masaomi/Mikado!!!!

Pretty much any moment with Shizuo ending in


kkkkkk most of the best scenes have izaya in it! xD

Anime - Mikado being revealed as the founder of the Dollars. Pretty much one of the absolute best moments of any series ever. Also, Anri being revealed as the True Saika/Slasher and all of Episode 25.

Novels after x3 - Aoba revealing his true nature to Mikado, Mairu's classroom scene.

Actually, pretty much every scene in the series is amazing.

I love it when

1.when dotachin and the gang dancing around the kidnappers and said "we are dollars!!!" and punch that guy to crap

2.izaya orihara phone stomp

3.shizuo said.."Yosh korosu!
Zettai korosu!
Kakujitsuni korosu!
Neraute korosu!
Korosu 100x

4.when izaya said "oh shut up I'm paying you"

  1. when kida and dotachin and gang beat the crap out of that Bastard Horoda

@Kuro-chan yeah, that part was funny. i watched it many times and it never fails to make me laugh.. ahahaha

when it ends.

I think my favorite part was when the anime fans were at the sushi place and were like, "That's right, your ex-girlfriend got kidnapped by a gang that doesnt exist. What's wrong with that?"
Or some moment with Izaya. (Vroom, Vroom)

@Gray I love that part!! (#3) Korosu korosu korosu korosu koroso korosu korosu korosu.....(and so on) That was so funny!!

when izaya jumps a bunch of times on the reyugamane's(spelled right??) bully's back when izaya was coming to pick him up with celty

When Shizuo gets bashed on the head by a random dude. o-o
That was seriously a random epic moment. :)

Same as kanashi's, the part Shizuku liked is when Shizzy-chan punched the random dude and ended up flying then naked on the floor :)

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