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Communism & Fascism are NOT bad (Thread) - Page 5

@SETTON18 The bad side is you only get limited freedom to ensure that the society doesn't collapse. Well actually it's relative because just like @break says everyone is equal and happy.

With capitalism you get almost unlimited freedom at the expense of other people.

@eterno well in america a country me and my lover will someday live after we leave Ireland. has freedom so we can not do whatever we want but we can be what we want with out the government always in our face.

@SETTON18 well deosnt it make that up to you taht you on the other hand also get other people's money even though havent helped them either?

all imma say is taxes... hmmmm

@break i guess but i dont like the fact that everyone makes the same it doesnt give much of an incentive to work hard.

@SETTON18 In a capitalist society it's not the government that you worry about but other people who doesn't want you to succeed and leechers

In an ideal communist society, there's no government. Unfortunately, there isn't any ideal communist society today.

And you're coming? Great!

@eterno lol

but yes isnt communism a type of government and to have no true government you need anarchy

communism is an ideology and a socio-economic system. Types of governments are things like democracy, republics, or anything with the -cracy or -archy suffix.

@ eterno i know you didnt say anarchy is a type of government But anarchy isnt a form of gorenment its against government and wants a free society. but isnt communism a type of government since they have leaders and people who enforce it,

Yes, anarchy is anti-government. It's like calling black a color while it's actually an anti-color.

Today, communist powers like China and Vietnam are Republics while their socio-economic system is communism while North Korea is a totalitarian autocracy with communism as their socio-economic system.

@eterno you just kind of lost me when you said autocracy i dont know what that mean so basicly its a economic system not a government party.

Party rule is one aspect of republic; it doesn't matter the quantity.

Autocracy means rule by one person; while NK does have a party, it doesn't have any power to make decisions and thus only a republic by technicality.

Ditto Nazi Germany, it was a totalitarian autocracy with fascism as its socio-economic system. To differentiate further, WWII Italy was an Absolute Monarchy with Fascism as its socio-economic system.

but wouldnt it be better for everyone to be free and have some limites but not so much we have to have a rebel like in lybia.

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