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Friend requests (Thread)

So the Friend function have been with us for a while now but I'm not really satisfied with it. Right now, user A must go to user B's profile and send the request. So far, so good. But to accept the request, User B must go to user A's profile and accept it from there. I would want the friend requests to be sent trough PM's instead. I think that would be the best solution. I would also want a Friendlist, accessable from your own profile and only viewable by yourself.

Or, like @DarkChaplain mentioned. Just something that notifies one of the requests would do. Though I still want it to be sent via PMs.
And I still want the friendlist. ò3ó

I agree. If one sends a friend request, the least that the receptor could get is a notification. In my opinion, since we are already notified of PMs via email, friend requests should be informed of the same way. Of course, finding the request in our inbox makes it more visibly accessible, rather than having to access the person's profile to accept it. I also agree with having a Friendlist. As an addition, these friends could even comment on our profile page(if a comment section is open, eventually). If this Comment Section should only be accessible to users on the Friendlist or not, I think it should be the choice of the community. Rather than having it decided for everyone, It would be wise to let the users choose that through their settings.

The Friend System may be at an experimental stage, but @Lycan's & @DarkChaplain's ideas are good additions in making it more user-friendly. ^^

Your thing about a comment section reminds me too much of facebook though... I'm afraid I'll have to say no to that idea :C
(But that's only my opinion.)

I wasn't referring to Facebook at all.
In fact, I was referring to most private torrent trackers. Since you have suggested a Friendlist(like most of them have) I thought it would be a good idea to add a comment section, because I've witnessed it functioning very well on those websites. In no way was I using Facebook as a referral.

Since moderators and administrators are very active on here(like on private torrent trackers), there shouldn't be fear for any abuse of that system.

Mmmkay, we sorta had it planned for a while, and it's already implemented on the upcoming API.

To improve communication between users, we're thinking about pages with friends, friend requests, your pending requests, the latest posts from your friends and posts that mention you using the @ sign, since everyone uses it here. We already did the coding, but it needs some polishing (especially when it comes to design), benchmarks and we need to know if it's practical.

BTW, Lycan, you think the friendlist should only be viewable by the user itself? Why not public, since we already have user counts? I think that a public friends list ("mutual" friendship only, not pending requests) would be nice to integrate users.

BTW non-mods can comment, ask for functionality and scold me via PM or twitter!

Yes, I think the friendlist should be for the user only. However the number of friends could be shown like it's shown right now. I believe a friendlist is kinda personal, y'know? I personally wouldn't want everyone to see who I'm friends with or not. I don't know about the rest of the users so I can only speak from my own point of view. A "mutual friends" thing makes me think of Facebook again, I don't want this site to turn into a facebook wannabe :C
I mean, the users can easily integrate with people anyway. We have this massive general chat where you can meet almost anyone, and you can make contact in the forums too. It's all up to the user to integrate or not.

So, how's the notification thingie working out? The friendlist can wait but I think the notifications are pretty important, so it would be great if that function came ASAP!

Okay, took a long time, but now it's implemented, tested, deployed and working!


And thank you for the friendlist! <3

So quiet around here .__.

I know :C

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