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Durarara Episode 25 (Thread) - Page 8

HA!> That was the best episode yet. This made my day actually.

I finally saw more of Shizuo's younger Brother! So great.

I WOULD DIE TO BE IN A CITY LIKE THAT. Even If im just at home watching T.V. Besides, That Live Broadcast was better than any movie/show/etc. there is in TV. :D

I personally love the twins.

The Twins made me not care about the art quality and now I'm reading the 4th Durarara novel! :D

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OMG...just wacthed it, so hilarious...but the people look kinda....demented?? I don't know....quality of the animation doesn't seem to match the other Durarara episodes...but the story was AWESOME!!!!
Missed the Durarara characters so much~

I just saw it and I just Love the whole thing! XD Shizuo and Izaya fighting again <3 Kyya!~

I miss the characters so much too -sigh-

Erika was Hilarious lol

teeeeeh most awesome ep i've seen so farrr~~~!!!

I honestly didn't mind some of the awkward art-quality moments. I guess I don't have a good eye for those things--

Otherwise, I think the episode was pretty funny, and seeing Mairu and Kururi is always awesome.

Yep the art quality kinda different with the other eps, but who cares, at least I was succesfully watched it today! xD
Thx to this thread I hurriedly searching the vid and watch it right away!

Thx again xD

Oh god, yes.
Better than all the series of Winter Season. ;w;
Kururi.... <3 Love.
I don't care about the quality of art, I'm just too happy about seeing all those lovely characters again.

I just finished watching it and nothing but PURE AWESOME WIN!!! EVERYONE WAS IN IT... almost everyone but generally, everyone!!

I was expecting the new noob kid to be the new Ryuugamine & Ryuugamine as the new Kida... <- STood corrected ;(



I loved it. ^^ Although it didn't tie everything up (and I'm silently thankful for this because it might hint towards a new season), I still loved that the entire cast was shone, even Kida and Saki, who are virtually GONE. O.O

Ah~ The epic!awkwardness between Mikado and Sonohara is hilarious. ^^ Really cute but hilarious and Izaya's little sisters are quirky and adorable. :3

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