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Screenshots<3<3 (Thread)

Yes ppl this thread is for all ppl who belive in justice if u see anyone saying dirty things,he will be put in the list of shame ..

dman it the screen shot is too small let me try another one

lol, the last screenshot was made by me~~ XD I feel famous.Here's mine, i couldn't resist~~~

Btw, i hope this thread was made for lulz, so yeah. Sorry if i'm a traitor. D;

I'll delete this, 'kay?

OMG luluu ur soo awesomeee...this way we will be officers in no timee!!!XD

Yeah, but, you know... You're on that screen shot, too.

LOL guys, WTF? XD

WTF?! I'm even there OTL

Why did u pump this?

sighhhh, this is proof of the old stupid me,plz dont post anything again here.

FFF You should put this in the stalkers/lurkers thread. ninjas away

@Shinra: Hika took the most classic screenshot that it's the mother of all screenshots.

@shinra; haha why not? This thread is WIN XD

just when I saw this thread... oTL

kills the thread

heart beats slowly.......curls up in a ball and dies...while thinking .....

.....still kills this thread

Screenshots that may come in handy in the future.


shinra wanna get raped

FFFF Awww Pih. You were suppose to only save the one bubble with Shinra's line. orz

Edit: OIC where you are going. tee hee hee


@kyuu : *forgot


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