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Be Honest. One Pro, One Con About... (Thread)

...The Above Post.

The goal of this thread isn't to be malicious jerks or to kiss ass. No insults and no worshipping.

Write one good thing about the above poster. Make it as honest and positive as possible. If you don't know them personally, find something positive about their name or the spelling/grammar of their post.

Then, write one negative thing about the above poster. Don't make fun of them or be generic. Constructive critique is always good.

Remember to be polite. Don't let this dissolve into petty namecalling or false compliments.

Let's see how honest CL can be.

Pro: You are a lovely troll. (You do it well, it's entertaining. I appreciate your intelligence. You're a decent human being.)

You didn't send me your uniform, or follow up on it. And I'm conflicted on how much I should write in this.

I fail because I don't like writing only one thing.

Pro: You suck

Con: You suck

I think Chester_E_Bur is a lovely name. It reminds me of a mighty oak tree! :)

I think you are being too mean to NGH. And you are not very creative.


Pro: Fun to talk to (I had awesome times talking to NGH)
Con: I think there isn't any IMO, didn't experience anything negative coming from NGH

edit: ignored Chester for being a troll
and I lagged so I didn't notice @moe's post

PRO Dat's a sweet DP! Purple suites "wanderlust" well! :D

CON You ignored moe! No fair man we dont get to pick and choose! D:I


Pro: The name is fine, I guess we'll be good friends when we bump each other on mainchat
Con: Don't know you well, so I can't give any cons.

Okay, time to talk like a l33t.

pr0 u h@v3 s@m3 dp @5 m1n3

c0|| ur b3tt3r th3n m3 :( :( :(!!!1111111!!!!11!!


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