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Multiple accounts (Thread)

What do we think of multiple accounts?
I think they're okay. As long as the user behave on the account(s) and doesn't have a mocking name (like copying someone else for example) and of course follow the rules. Any opinions from anyone?

I fairly agree with @Gargron. Members should have one identity and take responsibility upon whatever happens with it. In fact, upon looking at numerous profiles on this website, I've noticed that there are quite a lot of active members that have made themselves new accounts and that they are not using their old one as a result. While I've been told that it would be wise to ban the second/third/etc. accounts, should this still be practiced if we see that the users are now active on their new account and not on their old one? In addition, it may also be that siblings/roommates are both members of this website, thus using the same IP address.

In my honest opinion, communication with these users is crucial to take care of this situation. Might I suggest PMing them and asking about what account they wish to keep permanently? And about the sibling/roommate issue, I know that some websites require some sort of proof, such as a picture of both people holding a paper with their usernames written on it. Do you think we should implement that, too? Or should we believe them by words only?

It is true that the best would be if everyone stayed with one account. But I don't think banning the other account(s) is really fair... And going trough the process of confirming every account that has been on the same IP as another one does not sound very... you know. It's not really something I would like to spend my days with and I doubt anyone would.

I completely understand your concern. I also think that banning is very extreme, which is why I recommend communicating with them. On the other hand, I am only suggesting this because it seems important for the administrators that our members have only one account. As it is of high importance to them to have this rule followed, we all need to cooperate and find a way to deal with the ones present already.

As @Lycan suggested, it would take a great amount of our time to deal with the current duplicate accounts, not to mention that we won't know if another moderator has already done something about them, without us others knowing. I know that on other websites, the staff members are automatically notified if a user logs in from the same IP as an other. The result of what they do with it varies from one website to another. Some ban immediately and wait for further explanations from them on their IRC channel, others simply send them an automatic PM to discuss. If Colorless could implement such an automated system(probably a PM followed by a deactivation countdown, since banning is agreed on being very drastic and not all of our moderators have much time), this could work well. Maybe the Automatic Private Message can contain something along these lines:

Dear user,
It has come to our attention that you have duplicate accounts on the same IP address.
(Account listing)

  1. Account 1
  2. Account 2

As a result, your new account will be deactivated in [insert number of hours/days here].
If you would like to discuss about this possibly being a sibling/roommate issue, please communicate with the staff.

Thank you for your understanding.
The Colorless Staff.

About the part which mentions Please communicate with the staff, it would be a good idea to establish who they must communicate with and how they must communicate with them.

  1. Maybe including an email address at end of the PM? That way, the administrators can forward that email to a moderator and he'll take care of the situation.
  2. Or simply automatically generating a link to one moderator's Private Message Box. That way, that person can be the moderator in charge of this issue.

Welp, alot of multiple accounts got banned, so I'm wondering why? And whatever the reason was, what does banning them accomplish?

I kind of want mod's opinion on this, since I just experienced a bit of frustration with being unable to access Colorless for what appears to be no reason.

Okay, mods peeps, to prevent those things, don't go searching for duplicate accounts. Let's only ban in case of massive trolling, spamming, sock puppetry or such. We don't need a witch hunt.

Just relax :)

Seconded. -w-

I think I ought to take responsibility for this. Gargron had told mods to ban dupes in the past, and I operated under the assumption that this was still in effect. I did speak with a couple users concerning duplicates, finding out if siblings shared a computer and whatnot, but there were many cases in which I would ban obvious dupe accounts, such as a user with two accounts called something like "bublue" and "bluegoo", both with the exact same IP.

That being said, I will lay off on the random dupe checks, at your behest.
Finally, I do not remember banning any accounts linked to you, @NGH, though I very well may have. What was the name of the account in question?

@Gargron always stated that its only one account per person (and it shouldn't be necessary to have more than two anyway).

In my opinion, its totally alright to have two accounts, as it gives different experiences to either have a solid reputation or being a new guy/gal thats interesting to get to know.

Nobody will kill one "troll"-account either if its about something interesting, like we had some Lord of the Rings-roleplay a couple of months ago.

In the end it still comes down to the rules, and I think the one-account-per-person thing, while not strictly inforced, has been around for ages.

If you get people like @VolkieVolks, who open up hundreds of accounts 'for fun', I can see why this issue is getting higher priorities lately, though.

The account was unbanned, no worries there anymore.

I love the ban-page though 8D

@NGH @Keri @Acostoss @DarkChaplain

Merged with this thread here on Modboard just to avoid meta-talkin.

Well doesn't matter who did, because whoever did was in the right anyway (sorry NGH LOL), it was just a heads up for everyone to chill ^^

I think the account he's most known for is @Usui Takumi, but I don't really know the exact number of accounts he has. I don't see a real problem unless he spams or abuses them. Though, if he has 15+ accounts, that is a bit much for any user to have, but I don't see a real problem, unless we decide to free up unused account names in the future.

He has more than 15 accounts I'm fairly sure. He enjoys having multiple accounts of his on chat at the same time, which I find unnecessary and stupid. There should be a rule concerning dupes, in my opinion.

God, Usui made even more? Last time I checked I cut his ~10 accounts down to 3, now he's got all these?

Yes, we really need a rule for that stuff.

Having 2 accounts is acceptable to me, as you might not want to do everything with your main account, want a different perspective as a regular or whatever.
However, especially new users without posts on the forum should be restricted to absofuckinglutely one account.

Dammit, I want to help!!

Nope, I had the pleasure of banning @Hideyoshi_Kinoshita. :D

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