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Durarara Light novels in english anyone? (Thread)

Okay, I've been looking for the Durarara light novels on the internet(Especcialy volume one)

If anyone does know where i could read them please tell me! ; 3;

Currently looking for chapter 4 in the first volume(since one website only finished 1-3 ch. and decied not to finish the translating of the whole light novel D:< )

Currently, thats all there is for a 'whole novel translation' ATM

However there are fan-translations on a live journal. If you don't want to get spoiled, don't read. But here's the link anyway:

Hope you enjoy :]

lol Tobii^^ Yeah that's the best place... and do spoil yourself with it lmao

M'kay :3

I guess I'll check it out ; 3;

Thnx :D

Better than Baka-tsuki Thank you

Ah, more specifically I need to find Volume 2 chapter 3 all the way through the end of Volume 3. I already tried anni_fiesta and differentclouds but neither of them have it up! As much as I would love to buy the actual novels the only languages I know are Spanish, French, and English so Japanese is a no go for me. If it's a download site , I don't really mind I just need those chapters.

A little help please?

Well, I have vol 1 and 2 in Japanese, though I don't really have time to try and translate them now so I guess that's not really helpful...sorry!

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