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Hearts and chocolates (Thread) - Page 2

I hope you would "Refrain" From throwing them at me

at least you're not cursed

I will not give anything because I am not nice enough for that. Sweetness has never been my thing. But I might get love from my friends...or whatever. Maybe I'll also be on MSN NOT talking to people (Like that's any different from forever).

@Lagann Well, I don't really celebrate it at home or something, I don't even live there. I probably am going to do something at Taekwondo, a Korean game or something since the Headmaster and his daughters who teach too, are officially Korean.

Ah, Valentine's Day. This year my friends and I are going to be selling Single Awareness Day ballers instead. :D I'm the sweet type, but I like giving funny gifts. Last year I bought a bunch of condoms and put them in tiny envelopes with a note saying "Stay Safe!" and gave them out to couple-friends.

Whether they actually used it or not, I have never known. :D

Since I have no significant other and the whole month depresses me by default you'll find me online too. /o/

I keep telling myself "I will write very creepy loveletters and send them out to my friends anonymously" but I never get around to it.

What if we could give virtual chocolate to each other here?


@glassx yay :] that'd sound pretty awesome, virtual chocolate CL version...secret santa style? ;xx ahah

But then I can't eat it ;A;

I actually give sweets (usually cookies in heart shape) obligatory sweets!
Which is all I give or receive. sigh

@glassx I say yay...virtual yum >.<

@Stormkun Me too...always obligatory chocolates...If I do make a special one my friends would make a fuss about it =_=

<- want chocolate on valentine so bad

Lol. I never gave anyone anything for valentines day. Well, maybe a letter or something.

BUT I would love it if the Japanese Version of Valentines Day would be implemented all over the world.

Then white day comes! Yay. hahahaha.

That would be nice..

Oh yeah, February is coming soon. I should clear out my locker then. >.>
Nothing planned on Valentine's day like usual.

Nobody's ever given me chocolates... I mean, not since kindergarten when it was required for everyone to give out cards and candies. I think I'm going to make some chocolates to give to all my friends this year. Maybe a chocolate cake, or bon-bons... something like that. I'm not really too big on chocolate, to be honest, but I feel like I owe it to my friends for being so great.

Throwing chocolates at couples sounds fun^_^

I never did something with valentines day, but what I always tell my friends to give their-soon-to-be-lover are roses. White ones (white roses means friendship) for the time that they were friends and a red one for the love he feels for him/her.

I do 'annoy' a lot of my friends around v-day and I do give them presents. Last year I gave them all gave them a self made CD with songs like 'kiss from rose' and 'somebody to love'.

Wew....Umm, I was planning on giving choco to my friends .___.

Boys and gurls....

But other than that it's gonna be a normal day :3

I donno, I try and view Valentine's day as more of a "Let's celebrate the ones we love" type thing so every year I bake chocolate cookies for all my friends and for my parents too, for everyone I love!(and I'm a girl) If I could, I'd make one giant one for all of The Colorless!

...Or maybe I'm just sick of being single.>.<"

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