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Inactive Thread Openers (Thread)

While stumbling upon the new guideline post made by @Gargron, I was asked by @Neko-Chan what would be the best thing to do about active threads, in which their openers(the ones who wrote the first post) are now inactive from the website.

The discussion went as follows:

@n1xx or @Gargron I do have a question regarding threads of past users that have been created and are still in use; however have no input from the past user. I speak in part of 'Kii's ID cards' ( Where Kii, the creator, has become somewhat inactive on the thread. @Eriku & myself have been keeping the thread alive, which is no problem. However with changes in the site and the service it would be nice to add additional information / remove outdated information on the first post. Is there anyway of adjusting it etc. with out having to create a new thread. If we do create a new thread is it possible to delete the old one? Thanks.

I do remember @DarkChaplain asking for something similar in the past. The last time I checked, nothing was announced pertaining this. In my opinion, it would be a great idea if moderators were allowed to give special permission to a normal user, who would like to edit the opening post(or simply make it its own, in order for it to become editable). That was one of the two ideas mentioned. The other was simply to let the moderators edit opening posts(which is not within our power, at the moment).

To summarize, it would be a shame to lose organization in great threads, due to users' inactivity. In spite of this, it would be a good idea to either let moderators edit the opening posts(with what must be added) or to be able to give the Thread Opener status to the active user that wishes to take over(maybe a simple way to do this, would be to make the thread their own).

These are only suggestions though. If you all have your own ideas to share on how to make the opening post editable, don't hesitate to write them up. :]

I'd say that we lock the original thread and let someone more active make a new thread. With links from the old thread to the new one in like the first an last post. And If/when the original poster comes back, we can simply unlock the original thread.

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