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Tiny Detail (Thread)

I don't know about you guys, but I miss one thing from the old days. Some of you might not remember it, but we used to have this login/logout/kick message in the chatroom. It was removed before the account registration came, if I'm remembering correctly, because of the abusive "Guests" who would login and out and thus spammed the chat with the messages. But as the site is now, I see no problem in taking it back. I mean, the chat is designed after the one in Durarara.
This is how it looked like, kind of.
Edit: OK so the image is from, what, Dollars?
I didn't find any from the actual anime.

So, what I want is for the messages (user logged in/ user logged out/ user kicked by 'name') to pop up in-between the posts instead of the "User has logged in" thing next to "who's online". That's it. Just a tiny detail that I believe would satisfy many users.

Edit: This function could be optional to avoid butthurt haters, Advice from Pato.

It would get on my nerves after a while I think. XD But that's just my opinion.

I'm not 100% sure for what reason we changed it. But I would love to have it back, if it isn't too much trouble?


Perhaps it could make a comeback in the upcoming CL v3 ?

It is, in some form~

Alright, in chat v3, it is working, along with a couple other Easter Eggs. Still perfecting the chat, and it's security, but expect it to be done soon.

YAY <3

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