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Favorite Hetalia country? (Thread) - Page 3

China -aru.

America! All the way!! I love how he says 'dude' and 'yo' all the time and he was adorable when he was little xD I like North Italy too though because he's just too cute >.<

And Russia.

Spain ;3

i like all of them XD~ but if i should chose then it would be : Lithuania, Italia, Russia and Poland ....


my favorite countries are:
-england TSUNDERE!! 8D

-america especially in the dub =3

-prussia he's probably the most like me

-hungary i've always liked tomboyish characters for some reason...

-italy he's so cute! PASTAAAAA!!

I have many favorites; Ukraine, Britain, France, Russia, Prussia, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Romano but my most favorite is.....................................
APH's pic Pictures, Images and Photos
AMERICA!!! Excuse me, I gotta go to Florida XD


Ooooh! Why must you make me pick? I love them all!
Ehrm. takes out long list
England, America, Russia, PRUSSIA, GERMANY, Romano, Austria, China, Japan, Hongkong, droan droan goes on

But I guess I love GERMANY the best.

Prussia is awesome. Nuff said. America is terribly random which always has me laughing. France and England bickering is purely classic. Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark, Hong Kong, China, Canada, and Japan are all adorable. Belarus and maybe Hungary are my favorite female characters.

Prussia is my absolute favorite though with America in second place for his personality.

all the Nordic countires... PRUSSIA, Canada, America, and Austria :]

hmm it's between America and England

Lichtenstein KAWAII
And Japan

I love Canada hes always forgotten

i'm not much into Hetalia but ... my Fav would be! Prussia, America, England, Denmark, Iceland (cuz I'm from iceland) and Japan.
I love parody's with Japan in them! his accent is always so funny!

Prussia. Then America. And i guess canada

i like north italy- so frickin cute!! >.< and japan and switzerland <3 o and russia (vodkaaaa~)


I like..
- Germany (I´m a german ^^)
- Russia
- America
- England
- Canada, ´cause he´s cute ^^
- Denmark

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