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You rage you lose (Thread)

Top this CL.

(Being yourself does not count.)



I lost.

Otaku also represents virgins.

Oh god.
I lost in the second video, but then I watched the third.
I did not know true rage until then.

I am just disgusted. not mad.

In room North135 huh =/ Gotta find that room.....

I kinda just stared. Then laughed. Then shuddered.
So I guess I kinda lost.

I thought the people dancing in the third video were male and female.

Did I say I knew true rage?
I was wrong, I thought this was just the Hare Hare Yukai.
But, these are the same type of people from the Gantz premiere.

I hate those types of people.
So much.


I did too.

@SpazztikpinkAK47 she looks like the biggest lesbian ever.

I didn't rage. = w=

First video was blah blah blah white chick w/ boobies blah blah asian chick with glasses blah blah blah short asian(?) chick blah blah...the end. It was a decent video.

However, THAT pink thing in the second video with the was a woman?

I didn't rage. I win.

That chick in the second video reminds me of a "special" and "unique" girl I know with "real" problems. . .

I am speechless. This is why I'm embarassed to say I love anime. D8

Haha I did not rage... :3

So, I win?? ^^

But you must know that not everyone who likes anime, etc. are always like this yo XD

I cried... Does that count as losing?

Mega 64 trolling people at an anime convention....I'm now depressed...not raging, but now I can see why avid anime fans are often looked down upon...

I raged. I lost. Ugh.

FUUUUUUUUUUUU. the second video killed me inside.

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