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You rage you lose (Thread) - Page 3

They were OW-TAH-KUHS alright.

I didn't rage-

But I think I did die a little on the inside.

the second one made me facepalm.

LOL How could you guys rage over that? It's fucking hilarious!!!

This is freaking hilarious stuff! That third video: PRICELESS. Scary girl/boy/thing with horrible acne was trippin me off, but that was funny as shit.

I remember that Otaku chick on American Idololol. I raged then, so I had no reason to now. So I win this little thing! Yeeeeeah!

@Yumi Not if I won it first! I didn't rage at any of them, just lol'd.

i hate people like that... i sighed
i despised.
i facepalmed.
i dunno if you count that as raging, maybe im juts too tired of those poeple to really rage anymore, dunno if thats cheating or not...


i win.

the guys in the 2nd video are damn evil

the 3rd, just. no, just stop.

The 2nd one wasn't so bad, the poor girl was just being picked on, she should've just ignored them and kept walking. The costume......... well sympathies to the girl.

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