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Cat Cafes Are Stretching Beyond Japan (Thread)

I would like to share an article I just read :)

Neko cafes have been popular in Japan for about five years now.

They look just like your typical cafe, with students ignoring schoolwork to watch YouTube videos, posers trying to convince others that they’re intelligent by reading Atlas Shrugged, guys making awkward advances at cute waitresses, and aspiring writers strategically directing the angle of their laptop to show everyone that they’re writing the next great novel.

But we all know that the Japanese have a predilection for weirdness (see: industrial tourism, urinal video games, lingerie tour guide uniforms, festivals of naked men, etc.). So it should come as no surprise that this isn’t a regular cafe.

What makes neko cafes different is that… they’re filled with cats.

That’s right, cats. Roaming around, sleeping on tables, annoying people for scraps — cats everywhere.

Normally a cafe occupied by cats is a sign that it’s on the verge of becoming dilapidated, but neko cafes — “neko” meaning “cat” in Japanese — are clean and trendy places where people come to relax and enjoy the therapeutic presence of cats despite their meowing and dander and princess-like attitude.

In fact, people pay up to $12 US an hour just to hang out with the cats.

That seems like a lot of money to hang out with an animal that many people own (and forget to feed on a daily basis), but consider this: as much as you complain about the size of your apartment, it’s a mansion compared to the average abode in Japan. Their living quarters are so tiny that they can’t have cats. So they pay to visit them at neko cafes instead.

There are currently over 100 neko cafes in Japan, most in the Tokyo area. But they’ve become so popular that new cat cafes are opening in other Asian countries like South Korea and Taiwan.

Yeah, it’s weird. But considering that this Asia, we’re just happy to know that these cafes offer cats as companions instead of food.


Umm...that's pretty cool! I personally wouldn't go to that, but nonetheless, it's interesting.

I would die in such a cafe, I love cats but I'm also allergic D:I'd like to see pics of it though : o

Cats and I... not good. *sighs

I went to two of these while I was in Tokyo a few months ago, just because it was different. One of them was the cat place above Tokyu Hands (which isn't a cafe; it's just a room FILLED with cats) and one in Shinjuku.

They're... interesting, to say the least. The cats are cute though!

SO MUCH FUN, I want to go! I'm getting a cat soon so the idea makes me really happy.

I would sip my tea and pet a kitty....

What kind of article about cat cafes doesn't have a pictures of the goddamn waitresses?

I'm allergic to cats. D:

lol I thought Neko Cafes were like Maid Cafes, but with cat costumes instead. xD

@Kyuu I was kinda hoping the same thing I was like OH BOY LETS GO and then I read it and I was like Aw D:


And I also love reading Atlas Shrugged in public in order to make my self look intellectually superior!

I hope they open one up in New York :3

I'd love to see this in the U.S. :)

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