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Amefuto!! (Thread)

Haha, who here likes American football? I hope I am not the only one >>

Im not the biggest fan but I have my favorite team

Chicago Bears, FTW!

Get out of here

Nooo!!!! The Bears got the Seahawks out of the playoffs!!!

i like the. . . . you don't need to know(not a good team)
hint: fired coach and QB, rhymes with eyetans

@Edo and we got the bears of out the playoffs, and oh yea WON the Superbowl

If you do you better watch Eyeshield 21!

Deimon Devil Bats would own all your assets

Eyesheild 21 is awesome!!! I loved it <3 <3

@astrogaijin Oh yeah, I guess you're right!! I thank you then :D But next year is the year of the Seahawks!!

TheZer0 Tennessee Titans!! Am I right? XD They are good, just the the Seahawks. Give them time, (pssst I heard that they were trading for Colb, he is a great QB)

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