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Pokémon Parody: Pokéslav (Thread)


Pokéslav stands for "Pocket Slaves", and in this parody Pokémon are just that. I guess...

I play a character in this parody. I'm not going to tell you which one though xD There are also a few errors here and there, but who cares, ey?

Here's the first 2 episodes

Episode 1

Episode 2

Editor: @Woddard Aka Sebastian
Theme Vocals: @Woddard

Something I forgot? Maybe, but it's probably not important xD

Tell me what you think :D And be honest. No progression without criticism.

Nice that u made a thread for it :D

Come on people! Give the movie a shot :D

Also. if u like it, become a fan on our facebook page :D

Very good voice acting!

@OneDollar Makes me very glad to hear that :D

Good job!

nice made cant wait for the next one xD

@dunno Glad to hear it :D Subscribe on our channel. Then u will get a messeage automaticly when it's uploaded ^^

That was funny xD I really liked it =D Haha

I personally really liked this, that's an amazing accomplishment since I can't remember an abridged series of just about anything that I liked. Keep up the good work. It's not perfect, but it sure is great. A great addition would be some simple sound effects, like the splash when Misty pulls Ash out of the watter would add quite a bit more life to what you have already done. Voice Acting is great, but if possible, adding a few other sounds would be nice.

Keep up the good work guys!

@izzykun great comment!

Indeed. i should have put in some more soundeffects, but i guess i was a little lazy :/ But i wont be on the rest of the episodes ^^

My first thought..... the narrator is really good.

Opening was also very creative =P

Bump :3

I love this a lot! (^_^) It made me laugh so much! The opening song, voices, and dialogue is genius! Keep up the awesome work! I'd love to see more! Pokeslav! <3

Some innuendos would be nice~

@OneDollar, indeed x3 We are not perfect. There has to be something we can do better.

But all this positive feedback makes my ego pretty happy 8D

Edit: Izzy made a pretty good statement about the sound effects. Like


Hey guys :)

Just wanted to tell u that all the voices is done for episode 2 and we have started with the editing :D

So episode 2 will hopefully be uploaded this week ^^



take your time to make it nice ;)

Actually you said the episode would be uploaded in march, but I guess I won't complain if it comes up earlier xD

yea thats what i thought... but everything went much faster :D but i wont rush it. im going to do the best i can with the editing ^^

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