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How old are you? (Thread)

Well, whats you're age? I am now 14! (Colorless member since I was 13)

Awesome, I'm 14 too, but i just started colorless ^^'

Yay!! Usually people here are like 18, 17, 16..It's nice to know I am not alone! :D

This thread seems a little pointless...

@Keri Just like the old Colorless..The best one. Every thread was random.

Why not put it on the spam board, then?

I agree with @Keri.

well, it was pretty random and isn't some random things pointless?
@Edo and it's great you're not alone :D

16 -u-
Just had my half-birthday a couple days ago~

19 =3

is still 13
... D:
I've been a Colorless memeber for 7 months now. MY BIRTHS IN MAY. I JOINED IN JUNE. OTLOTLOTL. 5 months until my one year annaversary :D

I am 14, joined when I was 13 (duh) and I have been on for 9 nearly 10 months


Eheheheheheheh. I act more like 17-18 in real life though. I let loose on the 'net, really.

I'm 18 & a full time college student. :3

@otaku omg same here I act way too old for my age

18, wootwoot~ yay for being legal. = u=9

I'm 16. Yeah that's right youngins, 16.

I'll be 17 eventually. 17 feels so old to me though...

I'm 13. D:
I'll be 14 the 2nd week of may. :3

17 now birth day was back in december

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