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[GAME]The person above you (Thread)

Say something about the person who posts before you. You can say anything that comes to your mind.

^ isn't =(

^ Has an adorable display picture.

(By the way @Leanny, do the things we say about the person above have to be nice and respectful or should we simply type what comes to mind first? :'D)

(@n1xx: what comes to mind first.)

^ Is green

^ Likes K-On! :< nyoro~n

^ Lied

^ Is in denial. :'D

^has black hair

^ Has no hair.

^can't see the truth

^will be below me

^has a blue hair

^will post again now that someone else has posted

^thinks that I am really predictable

^ Is predictable. <3

^ Is not Zefferno =P

^wants to be me

^said that I want to be him


^taco monster

^ gray avatar

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